Davidoff whatever whatever.

How did this come about? Makes me laugh every time, but I need some context dammit.

It’s a the TST thing

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Used to think it was Davidolf when i was younger.

Thanks for your time.


So it was @ma0sm’s doing?

But wait…

@ma0sm was in 2012 that one you linked to was 2015

Isn’t everything?

but the post date :open_mouth:

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Pretty much.

MAOAM sweets were originally called Multi Coloured Edible Fun Times, before he got his mitts on them.

OOF. He’s right you know.

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6 days! Does it become a thing when it is first posted or only when someone starts Le Tournoi-ing it?



another vote for davidoff cool mumsnet

Those fuckers are funnier than us, aren’t they?

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Davidoff Coronation Street


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I’m trying, and failing, to get past the post where @meowington just types “wang”.

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It’s a popular phrase on the internet


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You have made it famous.