Davis Love III

Ahh… the island hole. A true golfing test.

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Can’t count the number of times I had a healthy lead on the final round then ended up smashing into the water about 5 times in a row. 17mph side wind :grimacing:

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DL III: The Mighty Ducks

Side note: my dad and I were very competitive with each other on this game and I once recorded a 60 at Sawgrass (house record). Only I’d cheated by saving after each hole and starting again if I fucked it. My old man immediately called me out on this, but I steadfastly maintained I’d done it in one, no restarts. The argument still comes out fairly regularly nearly 30 years later. As much as it shames me I’m still sticking to the lie.


Just ask the Davis. He knows… everything

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I think the gaming thread might need to call together a tribunal to consider this to be honest.
You could be looking at a fairly severe punishment.

Davis Love, my Davis Love III
I need you, oh how I need you!
But all you do is treat me bad
Break my heart and leave me sad

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Everybody Davis Loves Trey-mond.

I am deeply sorry

Glad that someone is FINALLY referencing the Human Centipede series on here so that I can ask if anyone else is following the saga of Tom Six’s latest film not getting released for apparently being significantly more upsetting than the Centipede films?

CW: I would think twice before opening this at work…


And I would deserve it. I’ve doubled-down on my innocence for so long that I just can’t tell him. It is terrible behaviour.

Accept Ants III


I like old golfers, like Davis Love III, not considered the best one, but that’s just me


Davis Love on the platform smiled
It was the III one I’ve seen in a while

Davis Lov3

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Davis 10ve

Seven generations later

Steve Davis Love III

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We should just have a thread for people who don’t exist.

Do it.

No fear!

Good golfer.

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