Dawned on me recently that

Laure Berthaud in Spiral is probably the greatest television character of the 21st century.

Glad we’re all agreed.

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Poor Gary Sparrow



GSH was 1993-99

(Albeit with a one-off special in 2016)


Is one expected to read all the words prior to posting? I mean there are two sentences there.


He must’ve meant the much-loved Christmas comeback episode.

I think I’ve only watched the first 2 seasons, maybe seen number 3 as well.

Is it still good?

not seen or heard of it so can’t be that good

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It’s a lot better now than it was. Much more to the characters, bit more juicy, the first two series are good but not great, imho.

judge wenger and lawyer figo are great too

Think you’re forgetting this man ed_b


Judge Pellegrini surely? Been a while since I saw it

Also thought Figo was the cop, partner of the stoner one

Sorry, but it’s Lester Freamon

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pellegrini might be a better shout actually yeah, but I think manuel prllegrini might not exist? figo was deffo a lawyer


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She’s very very good. But it’s close between her and Borgen lead woman.

Curly Watts, m8s

Different characters for different… needs. But imo Frank Sobotka has the best character arc in telly history

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I’d love to see a Frank Sobotka prequel that goes from like the 1940s to 1980s

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