Dawnwalker (Rolling) - new LP in the works ;)

This is really good. Reminds me more of Cave In more than any of the bands mentioned

thanks man! ha really, that’s a new one.

Come to Manchester! I can promise there will be at least two of us.

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book us a show and we will :wink:

Get some shows in with @SacredSon

*taps nose*

Genuinely v excited if this is the case

This is great. Wasn’t sure at first, but it turned out I had Soundcloud playing in one tab and Spotify in another :rofl:

Will buy the mp3s from Bandcamp at some point.

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Someone I work with has a brother with the exact same name as your bassist. Coincidence?

Liking the album a lot! :smiley:

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thanks man! is your colleague’s brother a porn star?

I don’t think so

might be the same guy then!


Ha, does this mean that Dane Cross aka Sacred Son plays bass in Dawnwalker?

*taps nose*

Wow, not bad for a first review!

P.s. london show on 25th feb! More details soon!


25th Feb at the Sebright Arms supporting @SacredSon, see you there!



I wanna come. Who else?

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a few DiSers have maybe’d. we’ll be on first so around 8 i reckon FYIs!

Cheers for the artwork, m9!

That cover with the logo is really quite a nice Twin Peaks the Return feel with the trees just coming through.

Is that logo actually saying ‘Dawnwalker’? I’ve really tried to see it but it’s doing my head in. :smiley:

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