Dawnwalker thread


We’re in the middle of recording right now and hoping to put an album out for the end of the year, but unfortunately our drummer isn’t able to commit to shows and so we’re looking for someone to take over.

I’d describe us a melodic metal band with elements of prog, post-rock and and acoustic. Bands we like and may or may not take influence from: Wolves in the Throne Room, Burzum, Opeth, Kayo Dot, Mount Eerie, Twin Peaks soundtrack, King Crimson, etc.

We’d like to hear from drummers who can do blastbeats and double pedalling, are ok with odd time signatures, and can play softer too (there are a few slower songs and some feature brushes)

If you’re interested send us some info, give us a message on here or at dawnwalkeruk@gmail.com and we can send you some demos.










You still looking? I can see if any of my drum bros in London are interested?


still looking!

here’s a new track of ours:


keybaord player wanted!

most of the recorded material has mellotron strings, some real strings, flute and some other programmed or triggered elements that we’d hope to recreate live. we’d want to work with someone to find out how best to integrate them live.

see post above for a new song. get in touch on here or at dawnwalkeruk@gmail.com


another new’un!


This is sounding great.


Excellent! Really looking forward to the album now


our new album Human Ruins is out today!

hope you guys like it!


now spotifying!


Just bought the CD nice one chaps :+1:


thanks man, muchly appreciated!


Sounds like you’ll need a really cool guy to help play this live




This is good. Your voice is fucking brilliant.

Are you are Ruffers really gonna be playing it live? Great stuff if so.


aww thank you! yep that’s the idea hopefully, gonna start hassling people to give us shows!