Dawnwalker thread


I think baba yaga mainly sell through seetickets

but it’s only a quid extra on the door so shrug.


Had a great time last night. Dawnwalker live sounded immense and Sacred Son were excellent. Bravo for the two sets @ericV


Thanks for coming down, was a goodun!


We’re playing a weekender in Margate in August with a really cool, diverse lineup. Should be a goodun!




Google pulling in Dawn Walker has done me a little


Digging the new release! Morveren and the Sea is great



This is excellent. How long did it take?

Wait, is that dropbox the whole album like this?!


Wow that drop box is the whole album, this is really great! You should get @AphexTwinkletoes and @McGarnagle to release this version under the DiS Label!




Looks like you want to get the hoover in there mate.


tell it to @incandenza


goodness knows how many moments of fragile beauty you’ve just hoovered up, Theo.


Miele culpa.

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