Day Lee (aka Tues) Thread



Someone just sat next to me on the train and logged into their laptop and their username was laptop and I thought this was quite sweet.

I went to Eindhoven for Improv last night and have now done three nights on the trot and it’s killing me slowly.

This evening I’m supposed to be doing more improv in Utrecht but I’m gonna blow it off and go home and eat a stamppot I think.



About to get up. It’s cold and dark, do not want.


It is indeed. Second day running with frost on my bike seat needing to be brushed off before I grace it with my bum.


Still pretty hot in Brisbane mate


I remember hot. Back when I could feel my fingers…


Lovely lovely sunny Brisbane


Chilly morning. CBA as per


Got my class assembly on Friday, going to need miracle levels of training montages and transformation in the next two days.

Plus, scraping the car EW


Damn, you’re central (if that’s where you live).

That’d be a great spot for Riverfire.


Nah, that’s from my office. I do like to be near the city, but this would be excessive.


Supposed to be leaving for my hearing in ten minutes. Still on the toilet. This bodes very well for me.


Through to Edinburgh for something.

Got time to kill this morning, so drinking hot chocolate :hotsprings:


Both legs have gone to sleep and I haven’t packed yet. Help.


Heyyy I’m trying to enjoy my hot chocolate


And I’m trying to leave this hotel room so I can go lose a hearing in record time. We’ve all got problems, buddy.


Also I forgot my hair wax and I don’t think I have time to go steal some.


Morning All.

Pretty much every bit of my torso is tender/ sore from coughing and sneezing. My legs ache. I’m having to stand on in the tram.

There have been more promising starts to days.


put a bagel in the toaster and then realised we had no peanut butter left. livid. doing more of a music today.

@tflnerds @colinzealuk @marckee i got a lost oyster card refunded to my account a while back and they said i could use it to top up but i can’t find a way how. any idea?


I bought some incense and a holder off ebay for a few quid. Hoping it turns up today.

That’s all I’ve got


Yeah, little bit colder here.