Day Lee (aka Tues) Thread

It’s a very long time since I saw frost

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Not much to report from frosty Devon. Day off so today is food shop and maybe a walk on the cliffs. Wrote a blog post yesterday that got a bit of low level attention so might do some more today, it might get distracted by FM18 instead.

Can probably get it on DVD now.

No idea mate, sorry. Either on your online account or by ringing them up would be my guess.

15 seasons for $173. Bargain.


How long will it take me to lose my hearing? Last couple have lasted about six hours but in this one there’s a major sticking point at the beginning that if I can’t overcome, I’m off for an early bath.

  • Less than 30 minutes
  • 30 minutes to an hour
  • 1 to 2 hours
  • 2 to 3 hours
  • More than 3 hours
  • I don’t care

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Not in a “going deaf” way.

Just overheard the chairperson saying “We will be out very quickly”. Fantastic.



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Whaddup, DiS. 2pm here - just back from a delicious lunch of chicken in curried pumpkin sauce :ok_hand:

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did you drive a minibus

Too unwell to leave bed

Might do some monster hunting instead

Bit disappointed in my porridge this morning, probably because I fed most of the lovely blueberries out of it to jnr. Plus I think it needs a bit of crunch to it, a few nuts next time.

Our peeping tom is at is again, he seems to like the back of my flat more than any of the others thought I’ve not actually seen him myself. Freaked out though, it’s the third time he’s been spotted and I was listening to a murder podcast saying loads of serial killers start off as peeping toms.

Morning all!

I think my idiot colleague is not coming to work and has not notified anyone of his absence, and I will be expected to entertain his class. I’ve got 35 assessments to mark this morning and I could really do without the distraction.

Morning all.

Blummin’ lovely sunrise over the majestic fields of Barry this morning. If I weren’t in a really awkward spot I’d have pulled over and taken a picture. As it is you’ll all just have to imagine a lovely sunrise over the majestic fields of Barry.

Nothing else to report. Hope you’re all well.

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good morning Sting

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I wish cowsers, I wish


Day of absolute guff ahead, might begin by having a rasher of bacon now from the canteen.

This evening, eschewing the London Senior Cup Quarter Final clash with Balham FC, instead dashing off into Londons to meet @anon76851889 for a beer and a burger and then another beer and maybe another burger.

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Good morning!

Edit: Where did my sting gif go?!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done it, but you used to be able to log in to your online account and then specify a station where you’d ‘collect’ your refund (or travelcard etc), and then when you passed through the gateline it would add it to your Oyster.

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