Day Lee Thread (This Time It's Thursday)

Yo. I’m sick, been sick the last two weeks coughing up shit. Would like it to be over please.

One of my workmates pointed out that the cup I’ve been drinking out of lately has another one of my workmates’s children on the side of it. I didn’t notice, thought it was a generic baby pic. Not sure whether to mention it or just stop using the cup and pretend it never happened.

How are YOU!?


I think that means they’re your children now. Congratulations!


Great news! Off to the quiet carriage we go.


Get well soon @ma0sm

I’m going to a gig in London this evening. As I have a meeting up there tomorrow morning, I’m staying up for the night. A night away by myself, with (theoretically at least) a lie in. It feels like I’m going on holiday.


Morn’. I’m off the the London College of International Business Studies this morning to check if what they’re doing business-wise is appropriate business.

Appaz my google home mini arrives today @TVDenimChap!

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So much dread for work this afternoon. Please don’t make me go!

I hereby give you permission not to go

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Morning! Think today will be mostly spent helping my parents declutter their house ready for it to be sold. Going to be a bit weird tbh, they’ve lived there 30+ years and its the only house I really remember growing up in. Watch this space for some photos of a very young me if we unearth some.


Off today. Yay no work. Going to rhyme time, meeting a dad friend for wanker coffee and going shopping. Exciting day.

@Jeremys_Iron think my one will arrive today as well


Huzzah! Mine arrives today as well. See you next week in the slave pit once Skynet Google take over the world.

Down to London today for meetings, and staying the night with my best mate and bro so get to check out their new place. They had a party at the weekend and someone threw up over the spare bedsheets, so need to take a sleeping bag with me. Exciting times.


That must be a weird feeling. My parents still live in the same house they’ve had all my life. Good luck with the nostalgic journey!

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Think today might be my Friday, but I’ve not actually booked tomorrow off yet.

Feeling a bit angsty, not sure why

I would like to go to rhyme time

Were the spare bedsheets on the spare bed at the time? Did they not have time to wash the bedsheets?

So many questions, such suspicious friends.

It’s on at 9.45, you get to shake a rattle and to sing nursery rhymes. See you there


Maybe it’s because friday you’re in love

We are due a nu-rave revival

I used to love a singing group

Sometimes you notice that all the kids are playing with a toy or zoned out or whatever and it’s just a group of adults singing 10 green bottles together :smiley:


Job interview day but gig in the evening so OK.

Good luck with the interview!