🎁 Day of Boxing 🎁

Morning. Last night I set my alarm for 7am in some vain hope of going for a bike ride.

The weather changed during the night and its blowing 37mph winds and pissing down. I’m going back to sleep!

Plans? :eyes:


Morning all :wave:

The eldest came down with COVID symptoms quite suddenly yesterday so we were quite worried about her going into last night. But (other than having to wake at 2.45 for Calpol) she seems in pretty good spirits.

Plans will involve staying indoors, opening the presents we didn’t open yesterday, probably watching Arthur Christmas, and that’s about it.


Managed a bit of a lie in today. Just the 3am start this morning.

Today is my Christmas!


More presents to open this morning. Eying up leftover sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Morning x x


Didn’t sleep a wink, feels like someone’s kicked the fuck out of my legs. PCR and antigen tested so it’s not Covid but I don’t know how I could feel worse than this.


Happy birthday Jackson, wee man is 12 today :relaxed::heart_eyes:


:slightly_frowning_face:feel better soon Geesy

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What a dog.


Going to my mum’s for breakfast in an hour or so.

Slept oddly, too late eating and going to bed I reckon

Think we are going for a walk somewhere and then more sitting about, games and chat.


Still feel like there’s a deadweight of food in my belly.

Going to visit my mum this morning, and do a doorstep drop off of presents to my sister too, who we haven’t been able to see because they’ve been isolating.

Turkey sandwiches for lunch. Turkey curry for dinner. Turkey.

Morning everyone.

Kids woke early again, so let them play on their tablets while I built a Utopia on Cities Skylines. Not out of jammies yet.

Was snowing here a wee bit so going to try and avoid going outside anytime soon, but Franko needs a walk at some point.

Will be some Mario Party, Ticket to Ride, and sweets today because I say so.

Morning. Pannetonne and coffee, them off to drop presents at tier 2 relatives.

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Ate so much shite yesterday that all of my internal organs feel angry

Gonna have a spinach smoothie or some shit and go for a walk

A few more films today I reckon


Up with the bairns and letting my better half have a bit of a lie in.

Currently watching the Lego movie which is only slightly sullied by learning how much of a wrong un Chris Pratt is.

Might try to fit in a run later as I’ve got new running trainers to try out. Apart from that, plans are minimal.

PCR is positive as expected. 2 out of 3 us who got tested were positive. Hoping the other doesn’t test positive later and has maybe already had it

Son tested positive yesterday eve, so that’s thrown a heap of plans. Trying to work out if we can realistically isolate him from the rest of us who are testing negative. Daughter needs to avoid it as it will destroy her return to USA flight plans…Also whether we should drive the positive fella to the PCR test. Probably switch to post PCR test? A wonderful boxing day puzzle, that’s probably the way to look at it. A giant snowless wintery fun puzzle. Have a lovely day all!

Staying in with the kiddo. Slightly weird Christmas Day yesterday, obviously it was amazing to spend it with a new baby but it was also tiring and lonely.

Gonna roast a fuckoff big bit of beef today and then eat most of it I reckon.


Morning all!

Started the day by trying to catch up with the Xmas thread but I still have around 300 unread Helen posts to see.

We’re going to my sister’s for lunch and then back to my Mam’s for the afternoon/ evening.