Day of Satur

hi pals

can someone bring me a coffee and breakfast? I’m starving and struggling to leave the bed

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The view from my hostel in Iceland. Could be a nice day. If we’re not snowed in. :open_mouth:


Sure. Hcb?

Up since 6 because cat.

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Hello thewarn, have you ever said ‘we Belgians are from the land of beer’?

high class beans? pls


Going through to Edinburgh for dishoom breakfast, musueming then to vegan Italian.

Rain and scotrail willing.


Off to see the ol rents

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Morning all. Pniks beat me to the Saturday thread as I was pissing about with partying faces.

Plans: take my daughters to a rollerskating thing for brownies / rainbows; avoid the wind and rain; cook for some friends this evening.

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Heinz corporation beans

Morning all!

I’m awake with The Child. I’d offer coffee @plasticniki but I can’t grind any before Wor Lass wakes up and I don’t think you’d be on board with instant. Probably having toast and biscuit spread for breakfast.

No idea what I’m doing today but I’d like to go to the beer shop after I sort out some things in the office. The weather is nasty.

Many times.

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Morning. Got double gym then umpiring a hockey match and then playing in one. Not looking forward to spend all afternoon outside in shite weather.

How do I have 270 unread posts from last nights thread?

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I wish I could say ‘I dont know’ to that question

loads of computer game chat

Computer games and Mr Blobby.

I went back expecting drunken music chat but discovered loads of computer game chat about cowboys.

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Actually have a rare photograph here of you as a very young child


The first thing I thought of when I woke up was 'oh I hope @NeilYoung watched the Mr Blobby clip last night

And he did!

Good day ahead: fry-up, walk somewhere (probs just around town as i forgot my sensible shoes and it’s gonna be muddy as everywhere), Saints vs. Villa with my favourite uncle, then GOULASH

Should be a banger. Blobby blobby blobby!


Alright pn. But blowy out innit.

Been up since about 7. Got to surprise my daughter when she woke up. The smile on her face melted my heart. Been playing with my old Brio train set since then. Lots of fun.

Rest of the family are coming round for brunch later, then it’s home for shopping, washing, tidying and rugby.


Good time in the greatest land of all time?