Day of Satur

Garre du nord is the motherchurch though


Like an apoorition.


Dont think my parents were as keen on Horse Girl as I was

The philistines!

I’ll remember that next time I message you when you’re feeling down.

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I was almost going to Birmingham today (think I’m going tomorrow instead). Would’ve said hi. Not in the ladies toilets though obvs

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Last chance for this one

STUNNER :heart_eyes:

Can’t decide what to do tonight. Help me decide, if you wish…

  • Watch Star Trek
  • Read (still on The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, is this influences the vote)
  • Do an art
  • Play switch (bit of Mario Kart most likely)

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Left the flat to go round the corner and get some beers, which constitutes my exercise for the day. Went in my pj trousers, which I’ve never done before, not sure how I feel about it:

  • Fine
  • For some reason crosses a line

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I said do an art bc art is good

And also YPU bc you can tell me of you recommend (I imagine itd be a good shout given I loved Kavalier and Clay)


My local Tesco used to have a sign up asking people not to shop in nightwear. Always thought it was a bit snarky. What harm does it do them?


I haven’t read Kavalier and Clay, but having read as far as I have in YPU I would like to read it, so I guess that means I would recommend this one?

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Time to get on it.


And how!

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Neil Young was more coked up at the last waltz than anyone else has been in the history of cocaine


Yeah, think a few different supermarket started doing that a few years ago, particularly in student areas.



^ this

Led lighting was going great. Then pop, big spark and circuit breaker tripped. Now none of them work. Fuck this shit.

Already on it, my dear numbers, already on it.

(currently a ‘Mexican pastry stout’ - nice spicy chocolate milk stout)