Day of Sun.

Happhe(_2) Birthday pal!

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Sat in bed doing some boring pension admin, going to pilates for the first time ever later and then making sweet and sour tofu :star_struck:

Found out last night that there’s an old Botanic Gardens railway tunnel under GWR, now I just want to find a way down there. Looks well spooky.

Up,watched match if the day and had a shower.

Got a load of work still to do.

Kids want to go to the Garden centre to look at the animals etc so might do that later if fog lifts. Looks like it will.

Watched first series of Derry Girls last night. What a great show, thoroughly recommend.

think I might be hungover?

Went to Mutations Festival yesterday and had a great time, Snapped Ankles are really good live huh?

Anyways I’m now rocking a 12hr cider binge level hangover and am planning to stay in my bed… despite how lovely it is outside (i went to the shop to buy hangover supplies) and I’ve noticed I’ve got a sunburn from yesterday!!! WTF… it’s February and it was snowing 3 weeks ago.

Plan to play a lot of Apex Legends and Overwatch, got tomorrow off so I dont mind wasting today.

Anglos a birthday!


Happy birthday laddo! You got much planned?

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Anglos chiefs. Hung some washing outside, one of the Sundayiest things going I reckon.

Gonna watch a fair whack of football today, EDL Cup too. Doing a Chinese-y salmon for dinner and then gonna watch the final part of Clinton not have sexual relations with that woman this eve.

What was their live show like? Got tickets for them in a week or so… from @ma0sm s interview it sounds like they are switching things up a bit…?

Got a video call from pals in Dublin still on the sesh ffs

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They had a drummer in the crowd and a bunch of bushes/tree people dancing and hyping the crowd up.

Before this happened i was already having an amazing time, their music has so much energy live and they have a tonne of stage presence.

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Basically you will be dancing, a lot, and if you arent the tree people will make you


I was working at a 12hr drone festival yesterday. It was totally insane and my head’s still spinning a bit.


That’s really cool

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Morning all!

Beautiful day today. About to go to Jimbo’s swimming lesson with him, then we’ll potter into town this afternoon and head down to the beach.

I know what it’s like to be on both ends of that video call.


the Estonian in-laws are coming round for Sunday roast later :estonia:

this morning I have mainly been tidying/vacuuming and listening to Leonard Cohen & now Neon Indian

classic Sunday

Morning all,

Slept in, somewhat and have a slight tickle in my throat, which is entirely unwarranted and into which a full enquiry will be launched. Making a roast later. Could also do with doing some of the stuff that needs doing. Going to drink some turmeric first, though.


Gonna try and go for a walk today. Exciting stuff.