Day of the Fathers

So it’s Father’s Day on Sunday which means Dads get to rest, drink beer and eat chocolate. Sounds like every other freaking day to me, but there we go.

Stuck for Mr S as he is trying to diet and cut down drinking when his favourite things are eating and drinking… Anything technological will be wrong - as he like to get his won stuff. So ideas please!!

My Dad gets wine or guitar strings/uke strings as he is easy peasy.

What are you getting yours? NEW DADS - what do you want?

I heard a rumour (the 4yr old told me) that I was getting a shed ! not sure if this is true ! Given its my birthday on Tuesday as well maybe is a combined present…


Big ol’ box o’cheese :cheese:

EDIT: bought for my old man, I am not a Dad.

nice, that is the kind of present I would like to Mother’s day!

You need to link those bairns of yours to the thread pal.

My first father’s day! And I will be all by myself :frowning:

Mrs HYG said she has bought me something. Also, she has let it be known that she was unhappy with my lack of effort for mother’s day (she gets two of them, bloody Americans), so she might be going all out to show me up.

My dad is on holiday so will send a card at some point, doesn’t really matter if it’s late.

Sneaky, strategic @keith to thread.

why does she get two ? if she lives in the UK but is a yank she should bloody well follow our national days !

I’m going to be honest, Richie, if I make that stand, I don’t think it will work out well for me.

The paradox of Fathers Day (for me anyway) is that I’d like to spend it having a break from looking after kids.

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I’ll nip back and cook him a nice meal at some point.

Usually get him a book or something but they’re planning to move soon and it’s dawned on me how much fucking stuff they’re gonna have to go through so I’m not gonna add to it this year.

come one man. I’ll back you up.

my sister lives in the US so she also gets the 2. Seems a bit cheaty to me tbh tbf

yes., me too on Mothers Day. Never happens

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got my Dad a signed copy of Billy Bragg’s new book which I’m pretty happy about. Paying full price for a new hardback was less ‘cool’ let me tell you

Bought my dad a book. Might get him some beers too.

The thinly veiled is meeting mates down in Brighton to go on the smash so my present is that I get to look after the kids all day…

kids are in canada so im missing out on the normal stuff. they left cards behind and im going to have a chinese so that’ll work.

frank is still here though, so my dog will get me a card i reckon, he’d a prick not to

Fleetwood Mac s/t vinyl (Peter Green era)
Nice card + scratchcard

oh crap, i need to buy some shite

Some Allman Brothers Band albums. He’s never heard them before. He was reading the track times on the Filmore album and said, impressed, “23 minutes!” I showed him the Eat a Peach album and said “33 minutes!”

He likes long blues jams.

I won’t be seeing him this weekend but I did last weekend, where he was presented with his gifts. And THAT is how we were able to have the above exchange.