Day of Tues


What’s up?

I’ve decided I’m gonna wash my hair less from now on. Felt very weird this morning not washing it. Obvs I had a shower.

You changed anything recently? Got any Tuesday plans?


Not that I can remember

Exactly 0 plans today.

Hope your day goes ok mate


Last day at work before a week off! :tada:

Going to see Haley Heynderickx tonight! :boom:


Actually, changed my work shoes for a new pair, and the right one is really uncomfortable atm.


Quiet one today, bit hungover.

Only went and won the music quiz last night, didn’t we? With a team of just three. Mind, when your nearest rival can’t identify lyrics to ‘Tainted Love’, and thinks ‘Girls and Boys’ was on 13…


Put our bed together yesterday and it’s obnoxiously massive, love it.
WFH. Maybe a run, then Omni, cowtown and ganglions tonight


My Friday today but still filled with cba. Going to the football tonight though for the first time in ages.


Love people who turn up to specialist quizzes and then completely sink. Makes me wonder what they were expecting?

Went to a Simpsons quiz once where a team consistently got about 3/10 in every round…


Going to figure out how much work I need to do this week before going off to penoid at a national level on Friday. I think it’s going to be ugly.

Also house stuff, because obviously.


Tuesday, wish I had wfh because I have so little to do. Might go home after lunch again.

Slightly depressed because losing weight is so hard. Think I’m gonna be spending a lot of time here today. Oh and I might hopefully be going to Romania next week.


To be fair, they weren’t that bad, and it wasn’t an indie-focused quiz, they did all right when the answers were Loverboy or All You Need is Love…

(Though I’m super-irked that to "where was Van Morrision born?’ (Belfat!) their answer of Ireland (Republic Of) was given as correct, and people tried arguing with our answer of “UK”. Luckily it didn’t matter).


Morning. Hm going for a pelvic scan later on :confused: I don’t like stuff like this. Freaks me out a wee bit. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Anyway, tea!


Morning PN &c

Recent changes: changed type of bra, started making sure I read before bed without looking at my phone afterwards, letting R eat at the table more rather than his highchair.

Plans: taking R to the children’s bit at the Docklands Museum, hopefully should be quite fun.


Good luck Witches, I’m sure it will be fine :+1:


Morning folks :wave:


Good luck on your dreads, nicko


Thanks lovely :slight_smile: t’will I’m sure. I’m just being a bit squeamish.


Also have 0 plans today, should really do some work having done a load of procrastinating cleaning etc yesterday.

Just had some fruit and fibre with only ONE sultana in the whole bowl, cheers Asda
Might have some toast to make up for it.


Might go see Lucy Dacus tonight, might not


I wash my hair every 4 days and it’s absolutely fine and means I dont mind buying fancier shampoo cause it lasts longer

stopped wearing makeup unless I’m going out somewhere nice which also means I dont mind buying more expensive organic stuff

I’ve changed the way I open a bag of coffee which makes it easier to dispense

plan all my meals at the weekend so know what to buy and can prepare in advance e.g. just took some Bolognese out the freezer for tonight

have started keeping a spreadsheet for my life with sheets for things like books I want to read, finance, health stuff, social stuff.

I’ve started learning French verbs on the train to work

stopped buying expensive coffee and just make it at home/work

started scheduling skype calls in advance so I can keep in touch with my bff

^basically a whole new person.