Day of Wednes (weird lockdown edition)

Alright chums?

The New Regime means I’m up early. Gonna hop on the turbo after my coffee.

Not left the house since Sunday - today might well be the day - running low on cheese, yogurt, butter, and need eggs and bananas :grimacing:

Hope everyone’s holding up as best you can.

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Thinking about doing exactly what I did yesterday.

Maybe today I’ll have a banana on my cereal though, to keep things interesting.

What even is a “Wednesday” anymore?


Ffs supposed to be flying to Ireland this morning but got a fever overnight

Hey up. Off to work to key worker children care we are going to do Joe Wicks, gardening, work packs and some art I think.

Slept quite well which makes a change.

V very much liked School of Rock so now I am going to make him watch all the Jack Black films :metal::metal::metal::metal::guitar::guitar::guitar:


School of Rock is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.


Terrible luck (although better you realise now than after you arrive.)

Let me know if you need supplies.


Really sorry to hear that.


Oh mate, sorry to hear that.

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My day yesterday was exactly that
Joe Wicks, gardening, bit of maths and English

Very, very surreal having so few children in. How are you finding it?

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Running the homeschool again :neutral_face:
Wife has a very bad sore throat :neutral_face: who knows anymore :man_shrugging:

On annual leave today. In the past 24 hrs the cough that I’ve had for the past six weeks has suddenly come on much stronger (barely slept last night), so guess that’s me not going anywhere for 7 days at least. Pasta for breakfast, lunch and tea, anyone? :weary:

Don’t have a fever at all, so in all likelihood it’s just the cold getting a second wind, but obviously not fair to take chances with other people’s lives.

Morning. Been in bed reading for a couple of hours as couldn’t sleep.

Today is same as yesterday. Work from home. Watch films. Go to bed. Repeat.

Do you have a Waitrose nearby? I’m finding they’re the best for stock and enforcing social distancing.

I’ve got up the last 2 mornings for a 7am run so having a lazy morning and will go out just before lunch. Might do a quick yoga.

Morning all. Up at the normal time dressed, breakfast had. now me and my son are bouncing round to Sam Cooke Live At Harlem Square Club and playing with trains. Going to spend most of the day in the garden once it has warmed up.

Just cancelling Hotels for my jaunt to Ireland at the end of April :frowning:

Going to the supermarket with my mask on, I’ve noticed that people steer clear more of those in masks, guess they think they’re ill

Weather is disgustingly beautiful again

Did my work for today last night so prob spend at least the first part of the day playing vidya. Might do a HIIT workout and then have a bath.

Drinking coffee :heart_eyes:

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Slept horribly, first day of my ‘holiday’ though. Need to go and do a big shop then see if Mrs F fancies a state-issued walk. Or I might stay in bed and eat crisps all day.

Slept much better last night.

Final ten minutes in bed, then up and laptop on. Got two Skype calls today :cry:

Out for a walk at some point, half an hour on the bike, might begin a jigsaw puzzle later. Maps of the World, I think.