☀️ day thread

Hello DiS, what are you up to on this fine day?

I went to a wedding yesterday where the groom said in his speech: ‘mum, you know how you told me never to speak to strange people on the internet? Well, I met this entire table of people on the internet. And my wife, sorry’. Made me think of what DiS weddings must be like :joy::joy:

I’m off to the New Forest to have a picnic with friends, then will attempt to do some exercise in the evening.

Edit: tell us what you’re having for breakfast - I’ve having honey chipolatas and fried eggs.


Going to Chester Zoo!



Woke up thinking it’s Monday. Yaaaaaasss!

Probably play some kind of board game later. Haven’t done that in a while (genuinely). Should do some exercise but I’m achey from yesterday’s pathetic efforts so we’ll see.

I’d like some kind of cooked breakfast but I don’t have anything in for it, and it wouldn’t contain square sausage or tattie scone anyway so what’s the point. Instead I will probably have a sultana scone and the cold brew I had the foresight to make last night.

Drank all the booze last night. Very tired now. Got to drive back from Cardiff later.

The internet folk at the wedding were all world of warcrafters- gave me a good idea of what your penoids must be like.


Gonna sit on me arse playing videogames and cuddling the tv all day.

Might go to the garden centre. Might see if my housemates want to go to the beach

I think it’s a different class of penoids, but I’m not sure which are worse.


will get up and make coffee soon. legs are kinda tired after a fair bit of walking yesterday so will probably do fuck all today. might just go sit in a cafe.

Happy Sunday all.
Gonna get smashed and see the Smith Street band.
Booked tomorrow off :+1:

Morning laelfy et al. The new forest is my hood! Not been back in a while.

Not much going on today. Need to finish my tax return and then going out to see a friend’s band later tonight. But first: breakfast :heart_eyes:

You deserve some :cake:

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The neighbours are making a racket again. I decided that now would be a really good time to fiddle with the settings on my bass pre-amp. And you need to do that at volume so you can better hear the subtle differences, you know?

Anyway they’ve shut up now.

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Today’s project


I’m going to start the clock on you now, because my last build turned from “I’ll get this done in 2-3 hours, easy” to “why the fuck is the living room still covered in boxes?! People are going to start arriving in 20 minutes!” (it was Hogmanay)

Ugh. Hungover again. Why can’t i sleep past 8 when I feel so shit??

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Mates I’ve gone back to bed


Mate of mine had an epileptic fit in the pub toilet last night, bit of a dramatic end to the evening like. She’s alright now thankfully.

Might get out for a walk today.

Drank a lot of Brighton beers yesterday and then my pal gave me 4 bottles of his home brewed milk stout. They’re sat in my fridge and I can’t even look at them.

Gonna sit in front of the cricket all day and drink coffee.


Is there no wimbledon today?