☀️ day thread

Fuck, hope your mate is ok


They might be massive Tories but they still respect the Sabbath!

Traditionally I think they only play Sunday if they’ve cancelled games due to weather.

Yeah, her BF was there and he knows the score so all good. Bit rough to see mind you. And despite said pub being right behind a hospital it’s on a canal towpath with no road access so took the ambulance ages to get there with a special off road chair type thing :grimacing:

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Hi team.

@laelfy good wedding story!!

I’ve been for a run, ate my fruit N fibre, going shopping now and then…It’s the arrival of a very special delivery!!! :wink::wink:

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Ffs. Need to find something else to do now.

Church? You might get a seat next to R-Feds.

How was Gateshead?

Still haven’t tried chipolatas but everyone says they are prime. I might have some toast, keep it minimal.

Couldn’t sleep so I learned some Robert Johnson songs on guitar after watching o brother. I am a boss. Now I’m gonna drink coffee and eat biscuits in my sunny garden and play my guitar. Never done this before, wouldn’t if it wasn’t secluded.

Had a slice of wholemeal bread topped with Marmite for brekkie.

Just had a lovely bath, son is in there now. Not much planned for today, home learning with the kids, trip to the pet shop and let them loose on guitar hero again. Do people still play this, or am I a decade behind the times, as usual…

Think it’s home cooked fish and chips for lunch.

Having a three way bday party for me, dr smee and jr.
Was supposed to be a BBQ but :umbrella:
Got a slow roast lamb shoulder inthe oven after marinading overnight with lemongrass and lime leaf marinade.
Should be st least 4 people coming :nail_care::lipstick::high_heel::clinking_glasses::man_dancing::dancer:


What time should I arrive?

Happy Birthday etc.

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happy birthday smee, dr smee and jr smee


My diet yesterday was 50% cheesecake 50% cava :cake: :champagne:

Went to a wedding party last night, the couple were already married in a different country so this was their second wedding for the Scottish lot. The bride looked like a proper elfin queen, she’s very tall, slim and stunningly pretty. Her dress was amazing!! Though, I felt a wee bit like a plump hobbit in comparison :joy:

1pm at my address

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warning: boring :coffee: post

made some coffee in my moka pot for a cappuccino, i also have a milk frother (basically a jar with a plunger on it) now USUALLY i’ll zap the milk in the microwave first before frothing it to get nice warm cappuccino foam but today i decided not to*. so i’m having a coffee with COLD milk foam on top and you know what? it’s pretty good.


why you putting your milk frother in the microwave maaaaaaaaaaan?

i was getting elves and dwarves mixed up and thought you were having a right dig there

sorry @Epimer


putting the milk in the microwave to warm the milk before i froth it

is it not designed to be used on the stove?

I was hoping you were equally as excited about my 50/50 cheesecake cava Diet.