🌞 day thread

I don’t think anything’s going to overshadow @rich-t’s news, you big ol’ Dad, you!

I’m assuming we’re all going to the pub today right? Meeting my brother-in-law and his missus in Wimbledon village for some beers and a Sunday roast. Never known a storm like it last night, @anon75298087 your videos are incredible!


I’m just about to leave to go and pick my nephew up and take him to Slam Dunk Festival. I’ve only heard of a handful of bands but he’s excited.


Nice man! Who’ve you heard of? Anyone we know?

Properly overwhelmed and emotional. Fucking knackered. I love you all, thank you so much x

Last of the baby spam (for now)


Jimmy Eat World are the headliners, which should be fun.

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Good hello.

Was intending on stripping some wallpaper but our wallpaper stripper is broken :disappointed_relieved:

So: probably go out and buy a new one.

Bjork later unless these ridic predicted thunderstorms arrive?

Aww that’s very sweet. We used to have a brother and sister from the same litter when I was a kid and they absolutely hated each other :grinning:

Hope your feisty feline gets better jb!

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I’m on the bus to Dublin Airport, flying out to Barcelona for Primavera at 13:35. Going to be a snotty mess for the whole trip though, keep on crying when I read about the referendum result. Really wish my grandparents on Dad’s side were alive to see this.


Gah I wasn’t that bothered about seeing Björk with a load of chatty bellends in east London but now that it’s here I’m a bit miffed I didn’t get tickets :sleepy:

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Pretty rude to call pn that :open_mouth:


My gf and her friend are off to this later. If you see someone who looks utterly exasperated from having to put up with my shit, say hello.

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She’s a south London chatty bellend.

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Camped overnight in my parents garden. Our new tent is insanely big for 3 of us:

Off for a picnic in the woods soon: no teddybears please.


Ezra Furman the neet. :+1:

We seem to have lost out appetite for camping.

Sweet tent btw

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Just woken from our second night in the motorhome. Had an Indian takeaway last night. It does not smell good in here.


I managed to get my nose sunburnt yesterday so I am rocking the Rudolph look today :grimacing:


Eurgh literally can not move now


I hurt my wrist yesterday playing football and it’s quite sore and swollen.

Need to do some admin and unpacking through the day and then LCD tonight!


Managed to lie in until 9am. What a time to be alive. 3 year old can’t get his head around it