☀️day Thread

Morning! Looks like another sunny day, which means more people trying to buy stuff they don’t need all day. Finish at 4 today though so that’s ok, roast later too. You?

Also don’t forget today is the last day to submit recipes!


Been at work for an hour already. Blasted Young Team - Mogwai on the way in though. Makes up for not being at home to help parent. Having some sort of salad for tea. 3 more shifts after today and I’ve got a week off (not that I can do anything with it, it’ll just give my wife a break from the constant barrage of toddler she’s dealing with daily atm).



Woke up with a hangover and a shaved head (see isolation hair thread). Going to split the day between freelance work that needs doing and some time on the balcony. Got some seeds to plant, a book to finish and half of last weekend’s crossword still to crack.

Didn’t get much sleep last night, though I guess I don’t need to be particularly energetic today so :man_shrugging:

Morning. Woke up at bang on 7am yet again.

Gonna clean the flat, ride my bike, get back in the house.

I have loads to do but loosing motivation.
I at least should fix my bike so I can ride it to work on Monday

Today I will continue on #myDIYjourney while caring for #my2illchildren


Sunday, Sunday, got to get down on Sunday!

Might try and get the kid to record some percussion later on. There will be yoga. There will be dog walks. Forgot to get either flour or sugar when I went to big Tezzas yesterday, so my essential shop trip will include both of those things so we can make kladdkaka. Somehow drank a load of tequila last night without really noticing, feel right as rain this morning though. Have extreme/jolly/tolerable (delete as appropriate, though I hope it’s the best) Sundays everyone!

Also I finally got my damn medication yesterday so I can start feeling like a human being again


:bike: :bike:

in between the above I will be trying to hunt down a switch lite + animal crossing bundle I can buy


If you find one can you let me know please and thank you.

cuzzas had them yesterday but i faffed loads and then they went out of stock :sob:

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Dog walk
Barbecue! First of the year - I was really pleased to find some charcoal in the shed left over from last summer. I’m seriously having to resist firing it up right now.


looking forward to the queen giving out some pish about ruddy stiff upper lips later

cant wait


whenever anyone mentions a switch do you think about will smith singing switch

  • yes
  • no
  • now i will

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It clashes with Race round the world unfortunately

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well that’s terrible planning on her part



No plans today but it’s going to be 18 degrees so maybe garden fun. Probably wash all the sheets as well. Exciting stuff.

I don’t know what this means

why the fuck is it on at 8pm lol

the only people that give the slightest fuck are in their 80s and will be asleep by like 4pm


BBC have her speech text on the website now. Read up till ‘quiet good-humoured resolve’ and had to go off and be sick.

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