☀️day thread

Alright? Been awake since 5.45 for some reason so that’s nice. Off to work in a bit just for good measure. What, though, about you? Eh?

Loads to do, looking after a hamster this weekend and she is very cute but also really loud in her wheel at night, terrified of me and bit me but I gave her a little bit of apple and she seemed happier

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Morning. Been awake since a similar time really.

Got one of those “body” pillows delivered yesterday to try and get more comfy in bed with a little bump. Was lovely and fine until I woke up an hour after going to bed last night with a dead arm. Then I couldn’t get back to sleep cos I could hear upstairs talking loudly :roll_eyes:

Meeting my friend who’s also pregnant for a bike ride at 8. It looks warm for once!

Yeah, cat woke me a 6:00am

been up for 2 and a half hours nearly while everyone else in the house is asleep

got no actual plans today, not sure what to do with my Sunday at all

How did I miss this? Congratufuckinglations Pniks :heart::heart:

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I only really mentioned it in the kids thread and then have very thinly veiled mentioned it a few times. Wild, huh? I’ve started to feel little ripples of kicks!

Very hard to conceal being pregnant in lycra, I must admit :pregnant_woman::pregnant_woman::pregnant_woman:


this is now the name of your Electroclash band

or, I might do a BITT track for you and the little one of the same name :slight_smile:


You should see my grin right now!

I can’t wait to bop around the flat to some BITT with the little baby. Is 2 weeks too young for Xanthe Acid Youth?

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It’s the last day of the League One season, full of jeopardy and inevitably-dashed hope. I’ll be watching it on Zoom with a bunch of international Oxford fans and our new signing.

Also need to stake a tree, and I have a bit of work I need to do for tomorrow. Buh.


not at all, hitting the youth demographic just perfectly there

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Thank fuck!


How do you fancy your chances of making that last play-off place?

Slim, but after a pretty messy season I’m just happy we’re in the race at all. Wouldn’t want to be a Pompey fan today.

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Could just end that sentence there.


I think the Pompey fans ought to be confident that they can best an Accrington side with nothing to play for but yeah, missing out on the playoffs from that position on the last day of the season would be painful eh?

Ha I thought that as I wrote it :rofl:

Gives me hope that everyone hates Pompey - if I was an Accy fan I’d be licking my lips at the prospect of wrecking their party.


No points riding on it but I think they’ll want to spoil Pompey’s day if they can.

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Accy could still finish 9th, that jump in prize money from where they are now is important to a club like that, especially after this year. They’ll want to win for sure.


Coffee. Possibly alarming post-beetroot poo. Bike.


When I was growing up my dad was a Saints supporter despite the fact that not only did most of his family support Pompey, but his uncle was lead sports reporter for the Portsmouth News, wrote books about Pompey, and was widely eulogised by players and fans alike when he died and all that. Still such an unlikeable club! Fingers crossed they fuck it up.