☀️ day

yupty DiS?

I’m about to make an omelette and some coffee

today I shall mostly be doing NOTHING. might go out somewhere and read a book, but that’s it.

Had overnight oats and coffee. Today I will be mostly watching footy.

Working on some music then gonna rouse the TV for brunch in Manchester before heading back to Leeds.

We’re BBQing at some point.

I’ll be watching England scrape a win from brave, brave Panama. My Facebook feed is full of people dressing their kids in England kits but I’m worried it will come back to haunt my Scottish daughter if I do the same.


what do you stick in yours? might try and get some blueberries for next week’s

Morning Japes! Walking to work, just seen a horse wearing a zebra coat

And on the other side of the path
Finish at 4 today so not so bad, will mostly be trying to watch the England game on my phone under the counter.


No idea what to do today. Loads of washing up probably. I want to go out somewhere but i expect the tv wants to stay in because he hates sunshine and warm weather

mornings japes, beastie, aphex, keith, marty, froglet

lovely day today. i will :b: :tv: :soccer:


the sun’s å tricky bugger. i didn’t think there was much of it about yesterday and I still managed to burn my neck.

I need to go get my eyebrows done and go to the gym when the football is on

And do a big shop

That’s it

Gonna have a quiet day. If there’s football on I’ll probably go watch Ocean’s 8 and maybe Avengers again, cos I assume the cinema will be dead quiet :+1:


Still feeling very fragile after a very bad day yesterday (DiS was lovely to me though :heart:), but have to ignore my brain today as much as I can because it is R’s birthday party this afternoon so I need to actually be a functioning adult for the rest of the day.

About to go get chocolate buttons or similar so R can help decorate a cake, that should be an interesting experience.


need coffee!

got coffee :slight_smile:



First day in Orkney and it’s really fucking windy. Think I’ve underpacked as I saw the weather forecast said it’d be around 18 degrees in the day this week and thought that meant I wouldn’t need to pack more than one jumper :upside_down_face:

Hoping that the village sports and social club is gonna be open and have the England match on.

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Morning japes. Going to get up and make scrambled eggs on toast, go for a walk, watch the England game, go for a swim, go to see Oceans 8, get a takeaway curry. If I manage all of that I will be happy.

Morning :wave:t3: :sunny:

I’m going to catch up with my friend on the phone this morning. Then I’m going to check out a local street party and the Glasgow Mela, hopefully eat some gooooood food. Comedy this evening at The Stand. Good day!

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So fucking tired

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have a great day FL & R :+1: