DC Films and Comic thread inc Snyder Cut take

The Snyder cut is out in just two weeks. Doesn’t feel right posting about it in the Marvel thread. It’s a bad start for DC films this year as WW1984 was pure shite, but oddly I’m still looking forward to it. Anyway, a poll:

  • I will watch Justice Leage: The Snyder Cut
  • I’d rather fucking not thanks

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Can you polish a turd?

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I will watch it basically just for the ‘discourse’, will definitely enjoy all the podcast takedowns of it far more than the film itself.

All the DC films have been inarguably shit. I mean WW84 was bad enough before Cheetah turned up at which point I honestly though they were just trying to see what they could get away with for a laugh.


Looks at The Horrors discography after the 1st album



also possibly needless to say I will be getting incredibly stoned beforehand, which should at least help with the runtime (and I like long films generally)


Nah the first WW, Shazam and Aquaman were all good to great.

I enjoyed Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Birds of Prey and, whisper it, Batman Vs Superman

Haven’t watched Birds of Prey yet. Thought Man of Steel and BvS were generally decent tbh.

That bit in the trailer with Jarde Letos Joker looks completely appalling. Think the first half of WW is the only DCU film that’s been good.

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each to their own and all that, but I really find it hard to believe people think these films are good. and I have absolutely nothing against DC in general, Batman is probably my most read comic overall. but the films are just completely turgid, similar to the Sony F4 films where you think ‘how the fuck are you getting this so wrong?’

Shazam was like some straight to VHS super hero film from the 90s. Gal Gadot is without a doubt one of the most useless actors out there, and I really can’t look past all the wider stuff around her/the politics of the films (why did she not stop WW2?). Aquaman was fine up until that final battle which looked like someone had layered A Sharks Tale over itself five times. complete subpar CGI carnage.

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Man Of Steel was alright until the last 30 minutes


I’m not watching it, I saw his first Superman film in the pictures on day one and walked out really depressed and downhearted. Whilst I personally am I over the endless shitting on his DC films and just want to enjoy the good ones (Birds Of Prey whadduuuuuup), it does seem to bring people together in a wholesome fashion and it appears like he’s a pretty shitty conservative so I can be happy for you kids.

You guys have your Tommy Wiseau’s Justice League, I just hope we get a Bird’s Of Prey sequel and maybe a Batgirl movie in the same vein, and that one day the weird dick will move on and I’ll get to see a nice hopeful Superman with his undies on the outside again.

Birds Of Prey was sort of fine if you can hack 90 mins of Margot Robbie being wHaCkY with a bad NY accent.

SORT OF FINE? :angry:

A masterpiece for the ages

It was infinitely better than I was expecting, that’s the nicest thing I can say about it.

Have fun everyone!

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I like them alright aye.
I’m not gonna put up a heated defence or anything because like, who cares but aye their fine.
If anything the total random nature of the DC output and the mistakes they make liven it up a bit. Nice detour from the sometimes very cookie cutter production line style of Marvel imo.

But like at the end of the day they’re big budget superhero movies so I’m not gonna get overly worked up if people have opinions either way really.



Man of Steel had a great soundtrack
Wonder Woman was excellent in many ways
Would like to see Birds of Prey at some point

Isn’t this supposed to be 4+ hours or something? Ouch

Has Snyder done something bad in particular? Beyond stuff like Sucker Punch which is obviously gross.