DC Films and Comic thread inc Snyder Cut take

Doesn’t surprise me - 4 hr version of a fairly badly received 4 year old film. Why would anyone want yo watch that?

I quite want to watch it as a curiosity, certainly not excited about the concept tho!

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Would also highlight that external analytics companies viewing numbers are generally speaking bullshit

Fucking hell has it been 4 years? Felt like it had only just come out.

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2017 apparently! So maybe 3 and a bit

hey you! didn’t fancy this film the first time around? well check this out, now it’s twice as long!

…still no? well okay then


I think there might be a market for shorter versions of films. 30 minute version of ghandi.
Stuff like that


Actually found Avengers Endgame far more boring than this

I’ll just leave this with you all.

Why is she sniffing his jumper?

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Considering Justice League (basically meant to be the peak of the DCEU and where in the insane world of Hollywood anything less than a billion dollar box office was going to be seen as bad) got outgrossed by second division Marvel fare like Doctor Strange I wouldn’t be massively surprised if actual viewing figures of the Snyder Cut weren’t that great. Also Birds of Prey not doing hugely well last year suggests they haven’t really figured how to get the R-rated market that Deadpool/Logan managed. They should just focus on Aquaman from now on, that made a billion dollars!

clearly the secret for DC is having an octopus playing the drums


and having Julie Andrews

Can we finally get the George Miller Justice League movie next?

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Chapo episode about the Snyder Cut is out now :slight_smile:

It looks ok. Nothing I’d risk covid to see in the cinema.

first and foremost, fuck them for doing that to Dirty Work

secondly, there should be some kind of rule against actors being in both Marvel AND DC films.

thirdly, annoyingly I do kinda wanna watch Cena and Big Dris together.

  1. cinemas are safe
  2. won’t everyone pretty much be vaccinated by August in the UK/US anyway

You are a far more hopeful person than me.

Everyone vulnerable certainly will be (in the UK anyway, can’t speak for the US), and anyway cinemas are safe and more to the point by August 2021 I will be long past caring about getting covid (hell, I’m long past caring now)

As for Suicide Squad, they should be putting ‘Academy Award winner Peter Capaldi’ all over the promos


I thought there already was a suicide squad film.


Is this a remake already or a part two/sequel?