DC Films and Comic thread inc Snyder Cut take

I believe it’s a sequel that also reboots the whole series. DCEU is a mess

Fwiw I quite enjoy Suicide Squad as a terrible movie. I’ll never forget the sour atmosphere in the midnight screening I went to

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I agree but a combination of factors for me: it was Nov 2017 so practically 2018; I obviously didn’t pay to see it, I watched it likely as much as a year later on Netflix. And this horror show of Whedon + WB abusing Ray Fisher has, kept it in the public eye…

What I saw was that HBO MAX viewings were significantly below Wonder Woman 84 when it came out on there. So if the figures are off the proportional aspect prob still counts.

Wasn’t sure if Covid rumblings might have tanked this a bit early but the very end of Jan should have at least given them a whole month.

Yeah, the film had a few weeks of clear water and was clearly struggling from the off, they should have just gone PG-13 really. Also Suicide Squad was such a stinker I think it put people off anything related to it (and they should have just called it Harley Quinn instead of Birds of Prey and Ridiculous Subtitle)

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I’ll be honest this is actually the first time I realised it was R-rated.

Maybe they should once upon a Deadpool it

Hard agree on this. Whilst I like the mad subtitle it really made no sense. This is backed up when they released it on digital media as Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey anyway haha.

RE The Suicide Squad
Looks fine? I mean, I don’t know any of the characters but the actors look like a fun mix.

RE Snyder Cut
I’ve been enjoying it a lot but I have yet to finish the thing. Been treating it as a six episode series which, frankly, makes loads of sense. Loads of bats hit bits like the singing lass as mentioned up above, and also the whole Martha Kent actually being a shapeshifter is a WILD retcon man. But it’s a lot less Snydery than I was expecting. I mean the slomo is dialled up to A MILLION (I swear the cop reacting to Supes appearing again was slowed down) there’s a surprising amount of jokes and levity.

I have no idea how it fits in though - like, apparently Wonder Woman was hiding for the entire time Buuuuuut there was that one day in 1984 where everyone got their wishes granted and she saved the world from nuclear annihilation. And Aquaman is like “fuck atlantis” buuuuuut he was wearing his costume at the end of his movie. Wth

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Is Ava Duvernay still making that Fourth World movie or what?

I cannot support this chat on whether Birds Of Prey or The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn should’ve had a different title. That is a perfect movie and no changes should be made at all, INCLUDING the title. (Although really Ewan McGregor heavily gay coding the villain was not a good thing in my opinion and maybe we could get rid of that… Otherwise a perfect film).

Okay I’m watching this Snyder cut. As previously stated I don’t really watch these films so my review is basically worthless (last superhero films I watched were the Nolan Batman ones), but I’m finding this pretty baffling. Every so often there’s an utterly bizarre slow motion musical interlude (two Nick Cave ones and a Song to the Siren one so far), and I can’t really get what tone they’re aiming for in general. About 90 hours still to go though, so maybe I’ll get a handle on it as it progresses.


Forgot to post about this - watched the whole thing in one sitting over the phone with a couple of pals a Friday or two back and thought (in current circumstances) it was an ideal way to enjoy it tbh. The film itself was totally self indulgent, baffling in many ways (the singing / jumper sniffing, the hotdogs, the orderly climbing of the stairs, the whole epilogue etc etc) and took itself wayyy too seriously but if I’m honest I didn’t mind it. Just a popcorn flick that transported me to another place for a couple of hours.

Also agree that it could have worked as a tv series for sure.

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Was wondering what the DCEU film releases looked like on top of MCU

Worth noting that neither SS or WW actually affected Snyder’s timeline. So basically Disney MCU wanged out 10 films in the same period that Snyder made Batman v Superman and Justice League. Maybe if he’d just done more films that were shorter and enjoyable he wouldn’t have ended up with a 4 hour Justice League film that WB were going to cut down to 2 hours (by his own admission the 2 hour cut was mandated for him if Whedon had never been involved) :smiley:

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Pretty interesting read.

These guys were in charge because they controlled the money at the very top of the pyramid. They were making big decisions—not the film executives we’re talking about, but Wall Street guys. One guy, who I can only describe as the man who Central Casting sends you when you’re trying to cast Douchebag #1, pulled me aside and started telling me how to write Batman.

:smiley: Bet that was a pretty painful discussion.

The bit about Lois’ ‘I’m a journalist’ line was interesting also. Shows how things get skewed.


What’s his excuse for The Rise of Skywalker?


It is absolutely true that when people don’t like a film they get so nitpicky that stuff that is actually fine gets called out.

In this case there’s also the question of direction and delivery but certainly that Red Letter Media takedown of Phantom Menace definitely starts going in on stuff that’s just Star Wars


I’m not going to lie Theo, this has confused the hell outta me :smiley:

Sorry, I mean the scripted line about being a journalist might be fine but a bad delivery can sink that, or indeed a terrible choice by director or editor.

Then I did a run-on instead of a new para to talk about that nitpicky thing being a problem with the 70 minute YouTube takedown of Phantom Menace by Red Letter Media

gotcha! Yeah, i agree the RLM review was a bit too much!


This video is treated like the bible of How To Critique Films by a bunch of film bros who seem to have quite amazingly missed that it’s a comedy video about a depraved murderer who has an unhealthy fixation on Star Wars.

Still thinking about the scene in the Synedercut of Flash stroking hot dogs in slow motion whilst starring at a fit lass having a car crash.

Powerful cinema by one of cinemas true greats.


Don’t forget the jumper sniffing.