DC Films and Comic thread inc Snyder Cut take

First Shazam was great - by wisely not showing Supermans face in the last film theyve not tied it into any specific continuity so may have a future.

Flash - this is it. The big ‘RESET’ button of Flashpoint where they can ditch one continuity and introduce/reshape another. It will be fascinating if nothing else.

Blue Beetle - again as a standalone it is free from shackles of a dead continuity. Fun in the comics and might be a nice change of pace.

Aquaman 2 - the first one was great. Give me more!

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Aye if youve zero investment in the characters then thats probably why.
But then if youre jumping in on the 9th in a movie franchise thats partly to be expected (though they do give a quick rundown of why he should hate Drago iirc)

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Not zero investment as such. I really did enjoy Creed a great deal (much as I think the original Rocky is great). Just felt a bit of a weird dead end to go back to the Drago stuff.

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I think it was the one big thing hanging over both Rocky and Creed Jr. The death of Creed Jrs da by Drago because Rocky hesitated and the subsequent guilt etc he has.
Plus the contrasts of Rockys relationship as a surrogate father to Creed jr, his own struggles with his own son, and the Dragos having a negative relationship driven by revenge/hatred is some interesting narrative stuff. And then Adonis struggling as a father himself as the family have issues.
Its basically a film about fathers, their struggles and inadequacies and facing up to responsibility.
And punching people.


An MCU film!


Hmmm I think MCU films are a bit

Bit weird this now, innit? Cos obviously something was gonna come out of it cos Keaton was gonna be in Batgirl, but now that has been fired out of the canon cannon into the sun.

And apparently Affleck is back in Aquaman 2 anyway?

Really hope it’s just a fun adventure without loads of navel gazing continuity fixing tbh. I struggle to imagine most lay audiences will care about that kind of tedious comic book fuckery.

Honestly though fair play to Gunn/the other guy for trying to shape something out of this. They’ve got an advantage because the movies have basically stayed away from each other since Justice League and I don’t think the casting choices are necessarily the issue. They just need to get on and make some better films and tell us why we should care about the bigger universe really. None of that should require scrapping everything that came before.


Do think it’s fitting that Gunn’s strategy is essentially New 52’ing it.

Will be fun/miserable if cinematic universes get the jones for constant relaunches the way comics do.

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Don’t necessarily disagree with this in the main but I think it’s a bit rich to try to cast those stones from within the crystalline structure of the Rocky franchise :smiley:

Honestly think the standalone movies and the casting have been generally good to great (apart from WW84) and I sometimes wonder if theyd done teh standalones prior to a Justice League movie if things would have worked out a lot better. All of the issues around the making of JL compounded the problems and killed a lot of interest and goodwill from the outset kind of.
Yeah the big reset will be fascinating. Fully expect the MCU guys to be taking note too tbh. At some point they will need to do a reset as well I suspect even if theyre still quids in now.
Interesting that Supes and WW cameos have been filmed and now cut from Flash apparently.
Part of me wonders if Batgirl was canned to give Keatons return in Flash a much greater impact and not water it down tbh.
Would be quite happy if it ends with the DC Multiverse going bonkers and everything being its own canon and even some of the TV lads cameo (a la the TV version of ‘Crisis’) and even Flash himself gets replaced in the final scene - solves the issue with that lad moving forward too!
I think the biggest loss of what we could have had in terms of Keatons return though was the apparent Batman Beyond movie thats been scrapped but would settle for a fairly accurate version of The Dark Knight Returns

Sweet jesus, please no!


Is Flash still happening? Isn’t Miller totally persona non grata now?

It still has a release date…

(Realistically - yeah, it’ll come out. They’ve sunk probably $200m into it. If the character comes back in the future it won’t be Miller in the role.)


That new BTS clip for Flash looks genuinely fantastic. They must be absolutely RAGING at Miller for their antics.


Really enjoyed Miller’s performance in Justice League tbh.

“I’ve never really… done battle. I’ve just pushed people and run away.”


Might finally watch Justice League this year with the aid of… something…

May not like BvS/anything I’ve actually seen from the new cut and the campaign was obnoxious but I’m glad Snyder got to finish it considering what he went through. Also never saw the Whedon version and probably never will yay

Lucky fecker!

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So they are announcing the 1st stage any minute?