DC Films and Comic thread inc Snyder Cut take

Haven’t seen WW84, Birds of Prey or either version of Justice League. (edit: or Black Adam which I forgot existed)

I’ve heard very good things about Birds and the Harley Quinn animated series but I find the character in general a bit irritating. The latter has Kite-Man though and Robbie was v good in Suicide Squad, The so I should absolutely suck it up and watch it.


Snyder Cut


Wonder Woman
Birds of Prey
Batman vs Superman

Fine to OK:

The Suicide Squad
Man of Steel


Suicide Squad
Justice League



Why would anyone watch this:

Black Adam

Also struggling to muster any interest in seeing Shazam 2 unless it gets good reviews

The bits of Aquaman I saw on someone’s screen on a plane had seemingly sped up action bits. I hate that shit so much.


Reckon it’ll be good fun.
Suspect like the first it’ll be fairly standalone big popcorn superhero flick with a sense of ‘fun’ that hasn’t been seen in a long time.

Key: Marvel films have a tendency to try to be funny (often failing and their house style can grate) but are usually not ‘fun’.

Aquaman was probably worth it for the bit near the end where he becomes connected to all the creatures of the sea including what looks like a prawn

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From the trailer, They dropped all the fun kid becomes a super hero for another grim Black Adam cgi fight fest against an OAP Helen Miren.



I mean, a lot of the colour was drained out if it by being murky and underwater, but yeah on the whole I agree it was silly bombastic fun on the whole.


On the whole

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…but enough about Wakanda Forever :wink:

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Watched the first half of that Saturday night. In no rush to finish it.


Doesn’t get any better really.

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James Gunn: Who should I get to do a Superman film? Wait, I’ve got it!

Could be good. Would be nice to move Superman into a more light hearted vein but hopefully not too far like Superman III.

Shazam 2 has tanked (should have been a one and done character really), I assume The Flash (or as they’ve basically marketed it Batman + The Flash) will fare better though.

I imagine DC publicly writing off this year’s slate of movies hasn’t helped either.

Shame, cos I saw it this morning and thought it was pretty fun. Very standard fare but (like the first one) they nail how a bunch of teenagers with superpowers would act.

It’s also got two post credits scenes setting up things that presumably will not happen now :smiley:


I just think the market for non-A list comic characters headlining films is done now, on the MCU side of things The Marvels will be lucky if it fares much better than Quantumania. If The Flash does tank then Aquaman is likely doomed too.