DC Films and Comic thread inc Snyder Cut take

My kid, aged 9, said it looked cringe as hell


The trailer does make it look like a Netflix kids movie.

Blue Beetle’s opening weekend in the UK was half what Shazam: Fury of the Gods did :grimacing:

That’s a lot of drama.

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We can’t have drama here, we’re trying to make a serious film!

Weird article you have a group of Depp fans getting court documents unsealed by clubbing together and paying (which holy shit is the weirdest part of the article) and then sources denying the contents of those documents.

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another website says he’s in talks rather than it being 100% confirmed yet

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The first 65 episodes (out of 85 I think) of Batman: The Animated Series are now on Netflix


Bonza, I was about to pay CEX a good whack for the box set. They’ve got the Justice League show from the same universe as well.

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