De Amsterdam Thread

Gonna go Amsterdam soonish to drink lots of nice coffee, buy records and maybe smoke a cannabis cigarette, has anyone got any recommendations pertaining to these things please

Red light district, Anne Frank, Bulldog, Brouwerij 't IJ, Rijksmuseum, Spearmint Rhino’s


But seriously though

The Netherlands is generally not good for coffee, but obviously has exceptions. I like coffeecompany personally.

I don’t have any vinyl, but this might help.

They’re all much of a muchness to me, not being a connoisseur. Are you more interested in the best ambience or the best marijuana?

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One of my least favourite cities. Both the Van Gogh and Anne Frank museums are top drawer though.

I feel very different to you about this.

Don’t stay in the centre/near the train station as it lacks atmosphere and is packed with tourists. Staying in south Amsterdam is best IMO.

Foeders is a very cool bar. Peanuts in bowls on the table and you’re encouraged to drop the shells on the floor. Very nice beer and the guy who runs it is lovely. There is a very good falafel place over the road.

Katsu coffee shop is a fun place for marijuana cigarettes, or so my ‘friend’ tells me.


Hire a bike, ride around a lot. Seems like there are some good coffee spots. A barista I vaguely know has just come back from Amsterdam. Unfortunately, all the places he visited were put on stories and are no longer visible


Ambience I suppose! Suppose wanna avoid yer Bulldogs and that but not adamant about going to a totally off the beaten track strictly no tourists place yanno?

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Stay away from the big coffee shops and find a cool side street cafe for a much better, and suitable smoking experience.

Even if you do smoke at home, probably best to go easy and not just smoke like crazy when you get there as you’ll be a giggly mess and in bed in an hour.

Don’t have super strong edibles before going in a sex museum.

Hire a bike

Don’t bother with the Van Gogh museum unless you have the ability to go when no one else does. Do go to Anne Franks house (but book)

Get high and go to Vondlepark if you have a sunny afternoon.


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Probably avoid edibles altogether because those things had a deceptively slow come up. Some friends got insanely paranoid on the mushrooms as well, so probably avoid those unless you know you’ll have a good time.

The zoo is okay but not great.

100% book the Anne Frank House, but even if you don’t it is worth queing for.

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I think it’s distortion records that I spent a good hour and half in a few years back. Good store.

Love Amsterdam, one of my absolute favourite cities


Name checks out!
I watched the first game of Euro 2004 in Katsu. I went back in 2014 and it hadn’t changed one bit. Good place to spend some time, not dodgy at all like some places in the centre. Surrounding neighborhood (De Pijp) is also a good place to wander.

Second the Brouwerij 't IJ recommendation, very cool bar inside a windmill (naturally). For beers closer to the centre Arendsnest is great and very atmospheric.

If you get a bike and are feeling ambitious I’d really recommend getting out of the city into the countryside. The signage for bike lanes is so good it’s nearly impossible to get lost. On one trip I went out to Haarlem which is relatively close, but even nicer is taking the ferry in behind Centraal station into Noord Holland and meandering in the general direction of Edam. But that will eat up most of a day.

OK, you didn’t mention cycling or beer, my mistake. But for anyone else into those things, the points stand.

Check if there are any gigs at OCCII that look interesting to you, it’s a cool DIY venue place. When I went there they were handing out free canapes at the bar.

Fou Fow Ramen (Restaurant)
Kriterion Cinema (Cinema + Café)
Vlieger (Stationary Shop)
Concerto (Record Store + Café)
Raw Materials (Interior Design Shop)
Moeders (Restaurant)
Restored (Interior Design Shop)
Wildernis (Garden Shop)
Winkel 43 (Café + Cake Shop)
San Serriffe (Book Shop)

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^^^ That was my top 10… these are a few more bits and pieces:

Tenue de Nimes
Distortion Records
Waxwell Records
Rush Hour Records
Six & Sons
American Book Center
HAY House
Store Without A Home
Things I Like Things I Love
Mendo Book Shop
Architectura & Natura
Concrete Matter

De Hallen Foodhall
Sawaddee Ka
Bakery Paul Annee
Pancakehouse Upstairs
Eetcafe Singel 404

Stedelijk Museum
Eye Film Museum

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I am feeling the strong heterosexual urge to return to Amsterdam in August.

I’m here right now :exploding_head:

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