“Dead end jobs” according to writers at The Times

Paywalled but I read the gist on this thread here, almost exactly as you’d expect it to read.

Spotted it because antiquarian book selling cameos as a dead end job and it’s made half the people I follow on Twitter go nuts :smiley:

It comes off the back of Pegg saying his ‘dead end job’ made him who we was. Then they ask the times crew about it. And the biggest takeaway is a reminder that journos believe themselves to be part of a higher calling to the point of madness

Current overall conclusion is that the writers believe themselves to have transcended to an elite level despite being whipped by their bosses like anyone else

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Writers are what?

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Seems like he came to a dead end


Xylo posts are now paywalled for sure supporters only I’m afraid


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I mean I get it’s the times so it’s writing for your audience but… yeah

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The abject misery of living in a country institutionally lauded over by the most vapid of twats


My dad reads The Times, I’m not sure how he’ll feel about being told he’s got a dead-end job…


What a load of patronising nonsense. To a lot of people these are full time careers not some rite of passage before “doing the usual escape route of living in America for a few years” for the privileged.

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Until some bozo discovers the elixir of immortality, are not all jobs dead-end?

Let us pray



Obviously wouldn’t go to a school reunion, but would far rather talk to a waitress at one than a times features writer


Pegg and all these writers went to Oxbridge, so none of them live, or have had to live, in the real world of real, proper jobs…forever!
For all Oxbridge students a shit job is just like an experience day or something before they do something else with their privilege.


i thought dead end jobs weere where there was no chance of promotion? so surely attaining “writer” for The Times is dead end, unless you consider running for London Mayor a promotion and not a change of career


Don’t know who most of these people are but they’re definitely rude to service staff.

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Robert Crampton is alright, and at least seems to acknowledge that he was just doing a job badly; I think he might be the least worst columnist there apart from the one who writes about birdwatching and cricket…

I worked at Debenhams cafe one Christmas

Made a mocha that was described and I quote as “undrinkable”

The customer wasn’t even angry

He seemed quite impressed by it even

I think I will think wistfully about that on my deathbed

Sort of depends what I’m dying of though, really

If there’s a harpoon sticking out my leg and a legion of androids slowly circling round, then I’ll probably have other things on my plate


One of the other staff members a few years younger than me asked me why I hadn’t spent my third year of university developing my networks

He said I wouldn’t be working here if I’d done that

I think i just made a face in response

This may also have been the day when I blocked the staff toilet

What I learned that day was the psychology behind “criminals always returning to the scene of the crime”

I knew that my actions were going to respond through the future, like ripples in a pond - perhaps, I ruminate, even like waves in the sea…

But it wasn’t until I came back and saw that OUT OF ORDER sign that I felt the thrill run through my young frame

The thrill of having transgressed

To create the impression that I hadn’t been involved, I made a face in that situation too


I don’t really trust anyone who’s never worked in the hospitality industry.


what baffles me is that there’s this pretence that writing doesn’t have its own tier system of shit work leading up to gradually making other do shit work, like every other industry. Early days as a sub editor were as stressful (in a MH way) as the bar shifts i was pulling the same evenings.

Which either means these cunts walked straight into the equivalent of officer roles, or are pretending they did.

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