"Dead eyed capitalism with Snapchat's Puppy filter on"


Dare you to get through this without grimacing.


I don’t really want to if that’s ok?


ah another classic Ant contribution.


Thread title sounds like something moker would have come up with.


“Dead Eyed Lizards with Westminster’s Conservative Government Skin on”


That is OFF fleek


(is that how that works?)


Kinda worrying what everyone’s going to do with their time when their cooking, laundry & ironing, haircuts, clothing, record collection, paperwork, love life, written communication, media choices, living arrangements, job applications, grocery shopping and general looking about thinking stuff is farmed out to an app.
Just gonna be like blobs aren’t we.


already are tbf.

blobs merrily


Also something about ‘yolo’ being an expression of abject fear, market oppression and personal suppression rather than, y’know, youthful abandon.




Why aren’t we eating olive oil anymore? When did this happen?


this is extra af

(haven’t read the article, just wanted to use the popular youth term ‘extra’)


Yeah but can an app get smashed and fall around the place to this at six in the morning?


Read all about it!


They worried about the same thing when ordinary people first began to have the spending power that enabled them to buy labour saving devices such as washing machines, lawnmowers etc. The system’s response was: TV and more work.


ah! so the younger people are delivering more newspapers these days? this is contrary to so many trends.


we’ll all become artists


YOLO is just carpe diem for a generation that never studied latin innit. #Makeuthink


I never studied Latin and I knew what carpe diem meant tho :thinking: