Dead Toenails

The full roaster was telling me that he has the chiropodist on Wednesday… to pull out both his big toenails as they are ‘dead’. He says that he used to do them himself when they ‘died’, with a pair of pliers. Nowadays his knee doesn’t bend so well so he needs to get someone else to do it. Apparently it doesn’t hurt too much if they are ‘dead’ and then they grow back.

What the fuck? Is this a thing?

Could you not try and show a bit more respect ffs?


I wonder if you get to keep them?

You would hope so wouldn’t you. The Chiropody industry has got so unfeeling recently though.

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Had issues with my big toe nail being ingrowing for years. So every now and then need to cut the side with nail scissors and then use tweezers to pull out the nail. Did this on the weekend as was really painful and there was a large flow of blood from the pressure that had built up. Feels amazing now though*
*no excruciating pain
Have a great day!

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I’m a martyr to my big toenail (left foot)

after it gets removed does the new one grow from the bottom up or does the whole thing kind of materialise at once

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Just checked and there is a shimmering light and the toenail starts to form under it. Whole process is about seven minutes.

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Anyone got a good remedy for manky/fungal toenalis?

There are pills you can get from your GP but they affect your sense of taste for some reason so some people choose to keep the fungal toenails instead. (I’m speaking from an anecdote that I didn’t really need to hear rather than personal experience.)

my friend once “hooked up” with a girl we both knew (and was lovely) - after the “hook up” he realised his toenail had fallen off in her bed. I don’t think either of us have seen her since.

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my big toenails were permanently removed when I was about 12. Don’t really think about it very often but I guess it’s strange not to have big toenails

There is a whole world of nails that I knew nothing about.

don’t particularly like looking at or knowing about feet personally

Feet are the worst. The worst thing about summer is people thinking everyone wants to see their feet, even at work. I most certainly do not.

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don’t go around looking at people’s feet then


I absolutely don’t

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When I was at school one of my big toenails “died” after getting trod on playing rugby

I pulled it off myself when it had gone completely black and there was a new one already growing underneath

In then put the old one back on my toe and whipped it off again when my sister was in the room to gross her out


Opens thread.

Reads some replies.

Closes thread.



In the end the chiropodist did not pull them out but cut them to where they disappear from vision and then sanded them or something. The remainder will fall out soon. £32

Cheers guys.