Dead Toenails


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I pretty much fully tore off my little left toenail last night. It’s funny how insignificant that part of my body feels.


went to the chiropodist last monday with the start of an ingrown toenail.

felt like a fraud as i showed him a small reddening on my toe

he tidied it up cut a small amount of nail off.

3 days later its miles worse all pussy and buldging down the side.

Went back saturday morning and he just sliced right down the side of the nail and pulled it out from beneath my skin…sure i should have been numbed…20 secs of absolute pain

Nails. (not me)


Had wild problems with my toes for about ten years, largely football related like @the_ravens

Got my big toe well and truly stomped on by some goon in studs playing 5 a side, and the nail turned black. I thought it would probably grow out but it takes ages for your big toenail to grow, and then a couple of months later I accidentally kicked a sold wood blanket box in bare feet, big toe first, and it ripped right out of the bed. It was hanging on by just one corner, so I had to soak it and then pull it out. Was excruciating.

Then it did grow back very slowly, but vaguely OK. It started ingrowing as it got to almost full size, but i carried on playing football like an idiot. Inevitably it got stomped again, and became infected and pus-y and very painful. Still carried on playing football (only almost exclusively left footed) until it hurt too much to put boots on.

Eventually went to get it sorted out properly, had local anesthetic and the nice lady cut the whole thing out. It got sent off to a lab because it looked like shit by that point and they wanted to… do something with it, I dunno. Never did find out what happened to it, I sometimes think about whoever it is who has to open the post there.

Started growing back again, only now its more of a grotesque, hardened claw when it grows out because of all the damage its taken. Several times I’ve had to file it and cut it down with my industrial strength file and scissors, most recently just before Christmas.

Little toenails come off all the time, barely even notice. I also have a photo of when I smashed up my little toe at Christmas if anyone wants to see that.

Still playing football. Thanks for reading, I have enjoyed the nail thread.