If you are giving someone a deadline for something do you

  • Give them the actual deadline
  • Give them a fake earlier deadline

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Just asking as I get given a lot of fake early deadlines, which fucks me off as I might have to - rush the work / turn down other work / mess up my social life to reach deadlines which I later find out are total bullshit - so when I have to give a deadline to someone I tend to treat them like an adult and actually give the real deadline (as that is what I would like) and then I am eternally let down by other people missing the deadline (so would have been better to just give a fake early deadline)

Do people just assume that any given deadline is not real?

don’t give ‘fake’ deadlines, but build in contingency for people invariably not doing stuff on time/ensuring I have enough time to do what I need to do.

I do it the other way round…
“when can you do this for…?” eeer next week (task takes 19 minutes)

That sounds like a fake deadline to me!
(I appreciate that these things differ re different industries etc)

Depends who it is. If they can be trusted to deliver on time then, sure, actual deadline. If not, fake deadline (although obviously not if the deadline is visible outside of me telling them what the deadline is).

So, for me, you may get an ACTUAL HARD DEADLINE (actually relatively uncommon, but they do exist! Most ‘deadlines’ are ‘fake’ anyway).

Let’s say the date my organisation needs to make a statutory return.

I’m in charge of one part of the process for making the return. I need to create a ‘fake’ deadline to make sure my bit’s done before the return goes in.

if I tell people the actual deadline the return needs to be submitted on, I’ll have no time to check anything, with potentially disastrous consequences. For the institution and for me personally. So I need to create some kind of ‘fake’ deadline anyway. I’ll then think about how much time I realistically need to turn my task around, and build in a bit of leeway in case people don’t do what they’ve promised by whatever ‘fake’ deadline I end up telling people

Bit boring, but you get the idea.

Sounds like you’re a freelancer though. Would never give a fake deadline to a freelancer/contract worker. If they don’t deliver on time, I just won’t use them again. Easy.

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Like I think the fake deadline thing turns into an issue where many people just assume a deadline is not a real and so just get you the stuff later than the ‘deadline’

Which is fine for those people, but very annoying if your a deadline hitter and the earlier than necessary deadlines are messing up your workflow - I guess this only really applies if your getting multiple requests from different people

I am primarily talking about the freelance stuff I do yes!

I don’t give a shit in my in-house work! :grinning:

Yeah I’ve thought of going freelance occasionally and then thought about workflow management and gone “haha nah”.

It’s not really a fake deadline to say “i need this by…” even if that’s earlier than your deadline. I mean it’s not your deadline but it can still be theirs.

I do get the idea - I accept that as an actual deadline as if course you need to do your bit of work

I’m putting a bit of print work together which needs to go off to printers soon and lots of people have missed their deadlines for getting content to us which is really annoying having to chase them up (so should have given them earlier deadlines of when to get the stuff to us if we are assuming ‘fake deadline’ plus one week of them missing the deadline = (real deadline) plus time doing my work / checks - then off to the printer (so haven’t budgeted in the week extra if the people we are relying on doing their job, don’t do their job)
Whilst at the same time on another job I’ve Just been told something has to be done for Tuesday, which I very very very much believe does not have to be done for Tuesday (I think it probably has to be done for Friday, based in previous experience, and have queried this)

So I’m basically getting it both ends

Bit of a rant!


Well only if that is when you need it

I’m talking about If you need it two days later, but assume the deadline will be missed so build in an extra two days

Looks like the deadline might be thursday afternoon

Heres an example


Them: we need this done for Tuesday as we are going to print this Thursday

Me: blimey! That’s a bit tight, but I’ll pull out all the stops for you to get that to you guys! :+1:

The following Monday:

Them: we’ve changed our minds on the content, can you make these amends please.

Me: :confused: