Deadly Sins Ranking Thread



Rank The Deadly Sins.


Wrath then envy sloth greed pride lust and glutton (because eating all the pies isnt a crime)


best to worst, worst to best or in no particular order?


Pride, greed, envy all bad
Lust, gluttony, wrath and sloth all good


Depends whose pies they are.

Although I suppose you’re then venturing into a different sin.


In terms of enjoyability:

Glutton > Lust > Sloth > Wrath >> Pride > Envy > Greed


Pride - Boring
Envy - Not that bad really, very vanilla
Gluttony - Do what you want
Sloth - As above
Greed - This is a bad one, probably the cause of most issues?
Wrath - Quite a cool word but a bad thing
Lust - No idea why this one is a sin


It’s a sin of the flesh


Weird that we call it flesh when it’s an apricot or something as well eh?


I quite enjoy saying fleshy/moist etc for food and freaking my siblings out


Good sibling work IMO.


Seven way tie for number one, love them all. GBOS.




Anyone re-watched Seven recently? Loved that film when it came out - worry it might be horribly dated now (also, Kevin Spacey :-1:)…


all of them - bad




I’m no theologian

but yes


God bless you


It holds up.


In that case I might…watch it tonight :open_mouth: