Deadwood Film


confirmed by HBO.

now we all agree it’s the best tv drama ever made, but how do you feel about it being brought to life 12 years on?

presume it’s going to pick up straight after the ending of season 3? (which tbf is the best and most tense cliffhanger\setup in television history.) will be weird everyone ageing and then dropping back into that timeline though.

hope it’s a long film, or they split it in two maybe, there’s so much i want to see. the thing i loved the most about the series was how each of the main characters seemed to have 3 or 4 beautifully drawn human relationships - i don’t just want to see charlie, i want to see charlie talk to joanie & jane & bullock. hope there’s plenty room away from the plot for that to happen.

im very excited.


Don’t really remember what happened at the end of season 3, but I guess that’s just a reason to re-watch the whole thing!

Could be a bit weird if they just run straight on from the end of s3 because everyone will look old and wrinkly… but at the same time skipping 13 years on or whatever would leave so much to cover I don’t see how they’d do it within a couple of hours.

Interested to see how it turns out!


I’m in, if it’s shit I’ll just pretend it didn’t happen like with Arrested Development.


Probably not of much use to anyone.


I can’t remember anything about it. Think I can only remember Swearengen’s name.

Will they do a Carnivale film next?


do you not remember Mr Wu sorting ‘SAN FRANCISCO COCK SUCKA’ a lot?



Now you mention it I do. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it just forgotten it.


never seen an episode of it


Carnivale was ace.


I actually bothered to read some articles about it this morning and it doesn’t carry on from season 3. it’s ten years in the future when a fire or flood or both hits the camp. biblical. trixie and al are the central roles, apparently.





remember loving it at the time, would be curious to see if it holds up now

hopefully they can’t get any of the actors in at the same time and have to greenscreen the entire thing like arrested development


No Cy Tolliver. Anyone else dead?


Ah in that case it might be based around the events of the real fire that burned down a lot of the town in 1879. That has the potential to be great!


richardson died a couple of years ago. oh wow, he was only 52 when the original series started!

the actor who played merrick was charged with possession of indecent images of children, so I hope he’s not involved.


carnivale WAS ace


Definitely a show cut short before its time. I reckon it might have been seen as a proper classic if it had been able to continue. It cost a mental amount to make though if I remember rightly.


Glad it’s coming back. It was a classic, I should re-watch at some point.

I wonder if they’ll ever do a Rome film that’s been talked about for years?


top 3 characters?

I’m gonna take al as a given

the doc


Oh my God I’m going to start rewatching it tonight now.

I think The Wire edged it in terms of overall quality - but I don’t think a TV show has ever had better dialogue than Deadwood.

The speech Wolcott gives to Manuel at the end of this scene is great: