Deaf Institute and Gorilla in Manchester closing down


Mission to Mars staying involved with reds barbecue??

That closed a while ago didn’t it and then reopened with a new operator?

Just checking if it’s Tokyo or the original owners of reds

They used to have a Tokyo Project in Oldham which they definitely used and I think they used to have one Huddersfield.

The one on Roscoe street was an absolute hole when we used to go there and to show how old it is me Mam used to go there. It was there fault Oldham got a worse rep than usual in 2007/08 when they did those cheap drink promotions in January. I have a bad feeling about this but, it’s properly tainted by my teens and early twenties.

It’s Tokyo. They own south and factory too.

Yeah but, they started back home with Tokyo Joe’s as it was known way, way back. Forgot they had The Castle as well gutted that got demolished for the tram, they completely fucked that place up and all but, some weird seating at the back behind the sound desk.

Starting to think saying they were closing Deaf & Gorilla was a bit of a con to get a buyer

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