Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love



yep good fun and sunny is how i’d describe it


just firing up my first listen of the album now… the first track is quite… something




I hear they’re not even proper black metal


they’re pretty much not anymore on this record :smiley:


That might make me posting that less relevant but it still won’t stop me.


ah it’s an all-time classic meme tbf


Would love to hear your early thoughts - v excited for this album and perfectly happy for them to do something strange.


After first listen: ‘Honeycomb’ is pretty much the only out and out BM track, the rest is quite hard rock but in their ridiculous/amazing way


Yea, I was worried about the 80’s hard rock bit in Honeycomb so this isn’t great news for me…


They’ve turned into Origin of Symmetry-era Muse?


it’s not that bad, nothing is.


it’s not as bad as you might be fearing, I wouldn’t listen to that stuff generally either


may have over-exaggerated this slightly, there are some other BM passages, but I guess because their production is so lush you don’t notice it as much


Would you describe it as a cross between Hookworms and Opeth?




tourng with Inter Arma


Nice Stereogum piece:

Dying to hear this album. Sunbather and New Bermuda are probably my two most listened-to albums from their respective release years. There’s just something so satisfying about listening to one of their albums front to back.


You won’t be disappointed :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s the affirmation I’m fishing for!