Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love




Surprised they’re in the Fleece again, thought they might do Trinity or something else a bit bigger.


Yeah, just got tickets for London - but surprised they’re at ULU (where I must admit I’ve never seen a gig), as my impression is that’s a smaller room than they played last time. Think I saw them at Heaven on the New Bermuda tour and they burned it down.


New (12 minute!) track!


this song is an absolute beast


There’s a band called Deaf Havana as well, they should have had their new album out on the same day!


It’s a slammer for sure. Can’t get enough of it.




Can’t wait - the singles have grown from good to great on me - and I like that we’ve heard way less of this album at release than the last.


they’ve deleted this now :angry:




they weren’t lying!!!


Oh shit! Really thought it was a mistake when the posts were deleted! Going in!


About halfway through and I absolutely love this so far. It’s pretty much exactly what I wanted from a new Deafheaven record.


Nice one. Just whacked this on. V V V excited.


This absolutely bangs - and I think the experiments not only succeed, but suggest hopefully a long and varied career for a fearsome band. Can’t wait to see them in London.


It’s quite a weird mix, isn’t it? Lots of mid guitar and drums, not bassy enough, pianoy bits sort of overpowering?


Glint is the immediate standout imho tbh


The record sounds to me quite a bit like M83 in parts. This is not a bad thing.


killing a few minutes at the train station. this Canary Yellow tune sounds fully EiTS or Oceansize or whatever.

I mean, nothing special, but pretty and breezy enough.

oh haha they sound a bit metalcore or something now.


The new album has its moments but feels like it lacks the focus they used to have and every new exploration you find yourself immediately comparing to something else. Lots of half explored ideas. Not that it’s a bad album per se, but I rate the last two as damn near perfect. Feels like a necessary step they had to take for their own sake, and has plenty of gorgeous moments, but I’m more interested in what comes next than this particular album.