Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love





Very much enjoying this, but it seems rather safe and lacking in a punch that early DH had


Not really feeling this. It’s lacking that intangible magic the last two had. IDK, chord progressions feel a bit ‘safe’ maybe?


I don’t really like it either, not sure why


I know what you mean about the chord progressions too, that gradual descent that gets over used a fair bit. I remember on my first play through knowing what the melody was going to be on quite a few of the songs despite it being my first listen. Not always a bad thing of course, but for this style of music there isn’t much else to focus on, so that sort of thing becomes really prominent.


Agreed. Listening back to Gifts for the Earth right now and thinking how much that face-melter riff in the ‘chorus’ caught me off-guard on the first listen - big shift in dynamics, timbre and pace. This doesn’t feel like it has those sorts of moments - less tension and release.

IDK, pleased for those who are really enjoying it.


Really like Honeycomb


I’ve only heard it through once so I can’t give a full critique as yet but it certainly didn’t slap me round the chops like Sunbather did and seemed a whole lot tamer than either that or New Bermuda (still never listened to Roads To Judah for some reason). That’s not necessarily a bad thing, some of the guitar tones are really nice, I need a few more listens but “safe” seems to be the adjective of choice here.


there any Sixpence None The Richer covers on this then?

have i asked this already? good! because they deserve such pressing questions.


To be honest I think they’re really generic in a lot of ways but grab from a varied enough gene pool to be enjoyable. If all those components were drawn out individually and placed amongst their respective genres I’d probably write them off as being utterly derivative. That being the case I’ll probably like the new album just as much as the others - I ain’t worried!


First impression is that where the previous albums were metal with some post rock elements, this is more like post rock with some metal elements. I like it, but it’s lacking the immediacy of NB or Sunbather. Hopefully it’s a grower


I like it but I can pretty much tell that in a few weeks it’ll be Sunbather or New Bermuda I’ll be reaching for when I want some Deafheaven, depending on my mood.

I’ve been racking my brain wondering what the extended outro to Honeycomb reminded me of and it’s this extended outro


I’d never listened to them before (I’ve never been able to handle that style of vocals, unless it’s deployed in small doses like with Alcest and Amesoeurs) but figured I’d give the new album a shot - Jimmy Eat World was my first thought too, with some Corgan / Cantrell thrown in as well on the guitar leads (possibly the same song, I’ll have to listen again).

I really like the idea of everyone, even black metal bands, secretly loving Jimmy Eat World.


Album of the year so far for me, by quite a margin.


that is my favourite Jimmy song by a mile. It’s bloody marvellous, innit.


That’s a really good shout!


My hot take is that I don’t massively rate the drumming


the gang chant to Canary Yellow sounds v much like War All The Time by Thursday


First time i’ve listened to these… So it Mogwai goes MOR but with some silly vocals low in the mix then.

Quite liked it but I expected something a bit more out there. First track sounds like the middle bit of Layla dragged out for ages.


You should hear their cover of punk rock/cody