Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

Was unsure about this but just clocked Portrayal of Guilt are there. Hmmmm…

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Also they’re so so so good live. Really mysteriously life affirming imo.

Agree the album’s great - they definitely get close to the cheese line at times but judge it so well. I love that they exist.


This is the best thing they have done i reckon. Really hope new stuff takes this direction.

Looking forward to the gig in London but the line up is back to front - Portrayal of Guilt are amazing.

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It’s a joint headline isn’t it? If Deafheaven were headlining that’d sway me more. As it is, I’ll probably have to (based on what I can justify) wait until payday five days before, if there’s still tickets then I’m there.

anyone going tonight then?

was gonna go last night but it was £25 and they only do 6 songs so didnt think it was worth it

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tbf Touche will do like 20 1/2 minute songs so kinda balances out

Yea, mainly for Portrayal of Guilt, then Touche, then Deafheaven for when they play Black Brick and i’m out!

Worried the sound may not be good for PoG but hopefully it won’t be an issue as they are well into the tour.

Dead Horse should be fun also.

yeah I’d have been up for it otherwise, but I saw Touche Amore last year as well as Deafheaven so there’s not a lot new there. Would like to see Portrayal of Guilt but I’ll just keep an eye out for when they tour themselves

I’m sure it’d still be right good, just a bit pricy for it I think

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it is a wee bit I agree and I failed at trying to get in for free but I haven’t seen either for a couple of years so hence why I’m up for it (if I can find a ticket)

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is that what Touche are doing on this tour? Playing Dead Horse?

Touché amore were more than worth it!

Yes first half is dead horse at a million mph and then a regular set. Flipping amazing

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Yea, but they’ve got an hour most nights i think so are playing a bunch of songs after

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can’t.wait :smiley:

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They were great last night. Wrote a little post about them on the ‘last nights gig’ thread

nice! well now I definitely need to find a ticket :smiley:

cool - i’ll go have a look!

Touche are one of those bands that I like but never really delved into

but then again I recently paid £30 for Boyzlife so maybe I need to sort myself out