Over here in April while I’m away again. Gutted. Especially as they’re playing the Brudenell which will be awesome.

Definitely up for the Brudenell date. Had a look at the dates on where they refer to them as “black metal pioneers” lol!


I hear they’re not even proper black metal.

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I “liked” your post until I realised that you meant you can’t come. That’s shit!

Seems a good guess that they’ll be back in the UK sooner rather than later though : )

Just a great band, even better for how angry they make people.

Saw then play Soup Kitchn in Manchester, tiny venue, cracking gig


When do tickets go on sale? Gorilla in Manchester will be fun


Tickets on sale now, try dice or songkick. Hope you get one!

Cheers buddy. Yeah I’ll catch them at some point!

Sorted. Ta!

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not coming to nottingham :frowning: …if only we had The UK’s Best Live Venue™…

Thanks for pointing this out. Me and my gf who mainly listens to hip hop/electro went to their last London date and left with out jaws on the floor.

Seriously moving and beautiful. I loved every second and couldn’t believe it was over when it was. I hope they’re able, Mogawai-esque, to build their own scene and support network around them.

Also: find it weird when people talk about the lead singer being dislikeable when he seems the most humble, down to earth (great) front man of recent years.

If you had to chose one song to play to someone new to the band, what would it be?

Dream house


YEEEESSSSS only time I’ve seen them (October of 2015) was one of the best gigs in living memory - will definitely be heading to KOKO. Heard it’s a shit venue though - never been. Is it?

It’s certainly not great but I’ve never found it as bad as others on here. The layout is a bit shit and the sound can be a little allovertheplace.

Really? George is a really good guy in the interviews I see. He is a bit…odd on stage but its a performance. Kerry is a bit of a dick though

Dream House or Sunbather.

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Dream House definitely. This band can be sold to, at least, Deftones-level metal fans on the basis of that song. It has the gnarly metal, the atmospherics, loud/quiet dynamics etc.


THEYRE PLAYING KOKO?! Jesus christ, I saw them at birthdays like a year ago

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