The Pecan Tree

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Manchester tonight. I actually have a spare and don’t think it’s sold out so if anyone wants to take it off me for say £10 then that’s cool.

Their show at KOKO was really, really silly but basically very good. The support (Youthcode) were fucking diabolical though—it felt like being in the Rammstein section of xXx, or like the police were staging an “alternative concert” as a front for a drugs bust. It just felt so anemic and sad.

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I’m going too1 ill see if anyone want sthat ticket

yeah I saw a vid of one of their songs and it was awful tbh. will be giving them a swerve

holy shit that was unexpectedly amazing - really good gig. Support were shite, as already mentioned, but Deafheaven were superb


Georges hair is bloody awful now though


They were unbelievable in London last time but I couldn’t make this one, unfortunately - and guessed they’d be doing same set (NB+Dream House?). Seriously don’t know how his voice has held up so well after this long on the road.

Also: super ready to hear new stuff from them.

Can’t say the full setlist but it was something like:
Brought to the water
baby blue
language games
Cody (Mogwai cover)
Dream House
The Pecan Tree

I’ve missed a few tracks, but it was a nice balance of old and recent

They did come back after baby blue I think. Baby blue was sooooooo good.

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Can’t see channel 4 commissioning another series of ‘amazing spaces’ with him looking like that.


Hey man, I thought of you when they did Cody, it was on yr mix!

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WRT Koko, when did they sort the sound out?! These lads sounded incredible on Friday.

anyway yeah they sounded brilliant but as well as his hair, I wasn’t a big fan of George’s Michael Jackson esque moves throughout. First time I saw them, he was pretty much stationary but looked really intense and just controlled the crowd with his microphone stand. Added so much more than him constantly dancing and headbanging

The rest of the band are so tight though

Drumming = Insane


The sound was a little bit on the shitey side imo—during parts of the more ‘traditional black metal’ sections it was kind of an impenetrable treble mudstorm.

I thought they were funny—not hard to see why they alienate so many people though. Favourite moves a tie between the effete line dancing throughout and the pensive twerking crab stance while waiting for the guitarist to kick off Dream House.

I was expecting a unilateral sonic disaster tbf having been quite a bit before, this was a marked improvement to me. Could hear each instrument well with it still being noisy as fuck. Guessing it’s probably gonna be markedly different depending on where you are.

what’s the problem!


Yeah they were absolutely excellent last night in Mancheser. Anyone catch the guitarist’s withering look at the kid taking on-stage selfies? Funny. Crowd were pretty good too otherwise.