haha yeah he wasn’t pleased about that. at first i thought there was maybe a little bit of tension in the band but they definitely warmed up and it was pretty funny when George was standing on the barrier doing his poses and Kerry just gave him a massive shove into the crowd. The rest of the band were creasing up. Seemed like after that they went all in and have tweeted saying how much they enjoyed it.

Wasn’t sure about George thanking Youth Code between every song - clean your ears out mate they’re fucking garbage.


I don’t seem to have much luck with Deafheaven supports. Myrkur pulled out last year in Bristol and Youthcode sound awful. Maybe in a funny way though?

Americans got Emma Ruth Rundle and This Will Destroy You, the fuckers.

I quite like Youth Code, but went to one of the few shows they weren’t supporting. A shame!

Deafheaven were really good though. My only gripe being I’m not a huge fan of The Pecan Tree, really good setlist otherwise. I’m a little bit gutted it got moved from The Brudenell though, I’m not sure why they only moved the gig like four days before as well?

I had a ticket for this gig and was looking forward to seeing them at the Brudenell but I was not sure I’d make it as I had to attend a funeral down south the day before and was driving back up on Saturday. Had it still been at the Brud I’d have forced myself to go, but I was totally knackered and they’d moved it to Stylus so I’m afraid I sacked it off. I’m regretting it now mind.

new tour announced with Touche Amore and Portrayal of Guilt

SEP 29 Bristol, UK @ SWX
SEP 30 Newcastle, UK @ Riverside
OCT 01 Glasgow, UK @ Garage
OCT 02 Manchester, UK @ Academy 2
OCT 03 London, UK @ Electric Ballroom


Well I’ll be going to this 100%. That Portrayal of Guilt record from last year was amazing.

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Ooh nice, Touche Amore are great and I missed them last time they were in Bristol.

Great lineup! Will be deciding between Manchester or London.

Great stuff. Love Deafheaven, don’t really know TA. Where’s a good place to start with them?

I started with ‘Is Survived By’. Would recommend.

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Parting The Sea Between Brightness and Me


just to be annoying, I’m gonna say their most recent Stage Four

all their records are great so start with their top tracks and go from there



Dunno what that date is tbh


Yeah looks a bit ‘new My Vitriol album’ to me…

Can’t wait for S of the 20th, 21


Would love a new but of Deafheaven right now, ngl


Fucking YES

Is Sargent House a label related to Anti, or have they left there?

20th August

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