Yeah thousands might be a stretch, but as with my examples there, it is definitely tapping into a sub genre that already exists - this hardcore punk meets shoegaze thing -, Slowdive is certainly one of the main inspiration for that.

In a way I’m not surprised as all that distinguished Deafheaven from those other guys previously was blast beats and screams

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Yeah, maybe this is it - I just don’t think it’s as radical a departure as it might seem. And I’d be stunned if there isn’t some craziness on the record itself - looking at the track listing, pretty much every song is six minutes or so long, which seems to invite it.

I am admittedly the faker indie guy who loves Deafheaven, though. The bands you posted above really scratch a certain itch for me and I’m happy for DH to do the same.


tend to agree on the niche thing - the last few times they’ve been through Bristol I’ve seen them at the same 400 capacity venue twice (sold out the second time, but not the first afaik) and then in one that was more like 900 capacity, and noticeably not full. I think it’s fair to say they’d hit a ceiling. Whether this new(ish) sound is a conscious attempt to break that, or just where the muse took them I couldn’t say, and tbh I’m not bothered as long as the records stay good.

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We definitely need new Title Fight stuff, its been ages.


Yeah this feels like a good opportunity to re-recommend the incredibly underrated Hyperview if people are digging the new Deafheaven


Love this line! :grinning:


I find it so strange that they inspire such hatred and confusion. I’ve just seen John Doran from The Quietus on Twitter saying they’ve now exposed themselves as “the $$$$ vintage workwear Snow Patrol/Turin Breaks” and that the new track is “so brutal” and “such black metal” in a mocking way.

I don’t think they’ve ever hid their melodic influences have they? I remember an interview around New Bermuda where the lead singer was talking about Drake.

Really odd genre fascism.


Sounds like My Vitriol

They’ve never been accepted by the troo kvlt fans anyway. People decided whether or not they liked Deafheaven years ago now and anyone still banging on about their metal cred in 2021 should be ignored.


Just find it so weird that they keep bringing it up. Are they damaging other black metal bands? If anything I’ve been turned onto heavier music since I heard Sunbather.


Half of the the quietus seems to be like that, there seem to be a bunch of credibility hurdles that need to be cleared before they consider something good. Sure this chap doesn’t like the record but it’s all a bit exhausting.

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Man, I feel like I’m two weeks ahead of the world on this one. I’m obsessed with it.

I’ve listened to the single about five times now and I love it more each time. It’s also surprisingly danceable. :sweat_smile:

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The quietus has always been elitist though. They’re really very fond of themselves.

And wanky, pretentious reviews.


Falsettos and harmonies


I actually love Deafheaven live, I fell in love much more after seeing them live for the first time. I loved DEP live too but the last time I saw them was 2009, missed them just before the split.

Ahh yeah, most of the times i’ve seen DEP - first was that SOAD tour then probably 4 or 5 since then and it was only the last time i thought they were rubbish. Think it was 2010 maybe. The set was good also it was just the performance was so…polished i guess.

Just coming here to say I think the Great Mass of Color single is absolutely ace. Haven’t really listened to these guys much since Sunbather, but I’m looking forward to this new album.


Think some music writer types have got this already. Saw someone on Chorus saying there are maybe three minutes of screaming in the whole thing - and most of those are at the end of the last song. Single is apparently a good representation of the sound - great news for me.

Their monthly Spotify listeners have more than doubled from the stubborn 100k it’s been around for the last two albums and rocketed to 217k - I know it’s a silly metric but hey. Looks like this could put them on the map.