Dean Blunt

Oh it’s hard to keep up with all the different monikers. BBF is great. Need to check out Blue Iverson cheers.

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That Babyfather album is brilliant.

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Would recommend Black Is Beautiful and The Redeemer too.


Thank you.

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Babyfather got some seismic bangers outside the BBF album too:

Wuthering Heights sample!


Favourite Dean Blunt album?

  • The Narcissist
  • The Narcissist II
  • The Redeemer
  • Black Metal
  • Babyfather
  • Stone Island
  • Roaches 2012-2019
  • Black Metal 2
  • BBF
  • Other.

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Black Metal closely followed by Stone Island.
Have yet to bring myself to tackle 50+ songs on Roaches. Something for the weekend maybe.

Oh, Dean Blunt is one of the guys in Babyfather is he? Did not know that.

Black Metal also sounding really, really good. Molly & Aquafina is a banger.

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I have listened to Black Metal 2 so many times now

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Think the new record is fine and nothing more

Bit disappointing really

Still getting to know it, quite like it but no idea yet if it will stick

Yeah agreed. I like nearly everything Dean has done but there’s only a few things I go back to regularly. If anything, the reduced length of this album will likely see me return to it more than other.

Still reckon Stone Island is my favourite record of his.