Dear DiS I need your help please 📚


I’m just going to preface this with I’m awful at asking for help so apologies if this is garbled and weird BUT I’ve been working really hard on something and it’s finally happened! A literary consultancy.

As some of you might know from the mh threads, my horrible anxiety makes a 9-5 overwhelming and I’ve been fired more times than I thought was humanly possible because of it. It happened again last month and i was shaking at the idea of having to go through the soul destroying process again (finding a job for god knows how long, being an anxious mess when I get one and getting fired agian). So I’ve been doing temp stuff while I got this up and I want it to be a success so badly because I know it’s a properly good idea and a necessary service.

So it’s basically a consultancy for diversity editors, people from minoritised backgrounds to read a manuscript and flag up any bad stuff (stereotypes, inaccuracies) and offer solutions, for a fee. Any writer could use it, Ive seen people aiming stuff like this at white people which is silly because an Asian author doesn’t know about being black nor does an able bodied person know about being paraplegic. It’s something any writer can use.

I’ve made a website and everything here and there’s a massively discounted service in a crowdfunder I’ve started so if anyone is a writer who wants something like this please try it out! Or if you know someone please link it! I’ve got a retweetable message with everything in it here. and the campaign here. Also if anyone wants to be a reader please let me know I really want you to be a part of this, loads of you are super intelligent, articulate and thoroughly decent people which is exactly the kind of person who would make a great reader. The “specialism” is anything from race, gender and sexuality to body types, age, religion etc.

I also (idk maybe it’s because my parents were always super charitable) wanted there to be a benefit to lots of people, particulalry people like me who have the skills but struggle with work and freelance stuff would be a massive help to them. There’s a bit where anyone can donate anything even a pound to help pay readers and contributers to resources that will be made available for free - stuff like making the website (I did it on my own even tho it took like 50 hours) has been out of my own pocket but this I need help fundraising with. I’ve had the problem before where I’ve been offered what seems like a dream writing thing only for it to be like “lol sorry it’s unpaid” and when you have family relying on you financially you have to just paas it up for something else that pays, even if it’s a crap job you don’t care about. So paying people properly is super important to me!

Ok my thumbs hurt and this was probably way too long but I can’t tell on my phone, I think the tweet summarises it here!!

This is actually the first time in years that I’m happy and excited to be in the present - normally I’m either wishing I could go back in time or dreaming about the future, trying to forget how miserable I am in the present. I really want to make a go of this and if you reckon you can help in any way by spreading the word or joining as a reader or helping out with the campaign then that would be amazing!! Even just reading this is a great help because I’m also rubbish at talking to people and expressing myself on here knowing people see it and care means more than you’ll know :two_hearts:
(Also apologies about the promo video thing lmao I redid it like 20 times today but still look scared of the camera)


Yo, would you be interested in publicity for this? I used to work in the books biz and know a few people who might be interested in featuring it (or at least tweeting about it).


This is a great idea JazzBazz and you’re a fucking marvel for getting it going.


This sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea. Top marks jazzy bazzy.


this is a really good idea, the only thing id add is that on the page about the crowdfunder on yr site it took me a minute or two to figure out that i had to click the >our crowdfunder is now live< text to get to the crowdfunder


Yeah, this is really impressive, hope it goes brilliantly


Yes please! I haven’t got much of an idea regarding how to go about it :sweat_smile: Thanks so much!


Ooh good shout, fixed It!


Thanks everyone :sob:


I’ll DM you


Good luck, champ.


Nice idea and good luck :blush:


Best of luck pal, it’ll be hard work but you totally deserve a break :heart:


Excellent idea, also I might possibly be able to help out if you ever need a reader to go over something from an autistic perspective.


Amazingly, I saw this on Twitter before realising it had anything to do with you/here.

Incredible work jazz, this is wonderful wonderful wonderful work.

I am going to share this with everyone I know!!!


nice work, hope it all goes brilliantly


This is absolutely amazing, and something the publishing industry struggles with endlessly. I will definitely stick it on Twitter and LinkedIn, and will let you know if anything comes up at my work that we could use you for!


This is amazing, contributed to the Crowdfunder in lieu of having any useful contacts or platform to share this.


Oh my god really? Just the Twitter page? Thanks so much tho!


Retweeted :ok_man: