Dear Jordan

I’d like to invite you to join a live webinar with myself, Kevin Martin (Director of
Customer Services), and Gregg McClymont (Director of Policy and External Affairs). We’ll also be joined by our Trustee Directors – Steve Delo and Sue Lewis, who are

responsible for protecting your benefits and making sure that the pension scheme is run properly.

We’ll talk about how we can help you save for retirement and answer the most
frequently asked questions from members just like you.

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I’ve listened to roundtable talks with both Gregg McClymont and Sue Lewis. (As a consequence I now know who your pension provider is, though so does anyone with a Google)

Gregg’s actually alright, I could imagine him giving good webinar


As far as I know Gregg McClymont has never got aggy with a member of the public who was attempting to raise money for kids with cancer because of them misspelling his name, unlike some I could mention

Lord, I wish. Who knew the pensions sector could be so fun?

Is that kevin ‘bugmeister general’ AKA the bug martin?