Dear Sir

I think you should feel bad that you’re not eligible for at least three of those.

(I like it when I go to Austria for work and get the upgrade to Frau Magister)

I like the idea of the Queen buying something on Amazon

Maj Elizabeth Windsor

we have some of these in our drop down menus, like Baroness and I think that there’s maybe even a Wing Commander or something ridiculous in them.

What a set of Pic


I used to use Dear Madam, I haven’t had to write a letter for a long time though.

Back when I did have to send such letters I always wrote “Dear Sir/Madam”. My old English teacher at school told us to not make assumptions, I remember. Proper good chap, he was.

dunno if the queen is a major tbh

she prob has a rank in the army tho doesnt she? coz the royals all get to baggsy one straight off right? shes prob just head of the armed forces tho isnt she. like Head Of The Armed Forces

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Her Maj*

At my hearing the other week the (German) chairman and my (German) opponent made a song and dance about foregoing their Dr titles for the purposes of everyone addressing each other, for convenience. I’m not on the professional register as Dr because it doesn’t fucking matter, but I was sat there the whole time this was going on quietly seething and just barely resisting the urge to “well ACTUALLY” them like the massively insecure sad cunt that I am.

Great story.


Go to Austria where you can be Herr Doktor to your heart’s content. And probably some other Chemistry-related title that will make Germans laugh at you.

Shouldn’t have used Sir/Madam then really

Well, we were taught that it was better to use terms of respect and then find out later that we were incorrect. One of a few times where appearing to make an assumption was considered the right thing to do. Really we’re just giving them the benefit of the doubt. I suppose these days we should keep everything non-gendered for those people who are undecided.

Slapnuts works

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Not true at all. I think it’s very polite.

If a company shits the bed because you write ‘Dear Sirs’, you’re probably well off not working for them.

They’d only sack you for leaving the loo seat up or something.

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I had to call teachers “Sir” at school so I am very good at using the word with varying tints of facetiousness.

Somewhere out there, a bloke in his 40s is forced to call chris_is_cool “sir” and inwardly cringes every time, I guarran-fucking-tee it.

Would never write dear sir in a letter, didn’t get taught that at school

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Eh, they’re a tiny Irish publishing company with two staff, both women. Taking 5 seconds to read their site and realise that, before submitting a manuscript, doesn’t seem an incredible burden to me.

And as the article says, they get 4 submissions a day and " while overtly sexist authors send us a lot of work (a lot), they have never sent us anything we’ve wanted to publish". So why not apply a quick filter?

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Always always ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. Clunky but covers all (most) bases

I wasn’t referring to this company. Thank you for mansplaining.

Oh, sorry for assuming that by responding to this thread you were, I don’t know, talking about the subject of the thread. My bad.