Death arrangements

It’s a miserable Friday so let’s talk about your plans for your death!

  • Burial (traditional, single plot, family crypt)
  • Burial (green, eco)
  • Cremation
  • Burial at sea
  • Other

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Service (not anon)

  • Religious
  • Not religious

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  • I will leave specific instructions on how to conduct my funeral and scatter ashes etc
  • Broad instructions to nearest and dearest
  • Just let them have at it tbh

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  • I have already made arrangements for my funeral
  • I haven’t

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(Have put this in social but feel free to move to Serious Matters if people wish)

Been to any ‘good’ funerals recently?


Gonna have my remains tossed into the air in my home town. Fuck getting cremated first though.


I just want lots of visibly upset women at the funeral / wake. If not enough can attend organically then my children will need to hire some professional mourners

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Natural as possible for me. Don’t want to take up space anywhere or resources though I do love southern cemetery, Bury me on the allotment next door and turn me into a mushroom log.

Going to a funeral in our garden on Tuesday, my lovely old neighbour died and my other neighbour is a funeral person and a hippy so we’re having her and coffin laid out next to her beautiful flowers she’s tended since the 50s :heartpulse: not sure what happens after the ceremony. She doesn’t have any family so all the neighbourhood kids are planting more flowers for her.


I want my body to be donated to sean


Burn this daft flesh prison, scatter the ashes somewhere in Scotland, move on.


Use my body for medical research. Quite like the idea of some med student carving me up


For sexiness studies

Don’t care. I’m not going to be there

Cremated, then make my ashes into a firework and let it off over the cliffs into the sea, cheers.


You’ve faked your own death and the funeral gets organised, do you secretly attend to listen to what people are saying about you?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Always used to think about doing this.

Then making a dramatic appearance.

‘Well, well, well, Kevin. I always knew you were a LIAR’


I’d want to but I don’t trust myself to not burst out with a “well ACTUALLY” if anything inaccurate was said about me


Depends what’s on telly

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I’m on the donor register, as for the rest of it, I’m not bothered.

However I have set it so that if no-one accesses my Google, Password manager or Facebook accounts for three months, then my family members get immediate access to those, which should give them access to all of the things necessary. I also think that once I’m gone, any secrets or private things I may have no longer apply, and I want those closest to me to be able to access them. Or not, but it’d be their choice, full disclosure.

Someone close to me had their brother get involved in a bad accident which resulted in them being in a coma for 3 months, and one of the most traumatic things they went through was constantly phoning places trying to cover bills, automatic payments, proving that it was their brother, escalating it to multiple places which didn’t have procedures in place for it. I know this won’t solve that potential problem directly, but I am thinking more and more of getting things sorted so that if I died, then those closest to me would know exactly what needed to be done.


Just feed me to the fishes or give my body to medical research.

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preserve me in ice

Used to tell my wife I wanted a Tibetan sky burial, where they just dump you on a mountain to be eaten by birds. The image was distressing for her but somehow comforting to me. I’ve since dialled down the drama and now want whatever way is best that my body goes on providing benefits. Probably just put it in a cardboard box under ground so that whatever energy is left can be taken up as nutrients for plants/animals or maybe donated to science

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